Test Taper PCT Update

Well here is the update for those who asked me to post it…

I did my 6 weeks of test prop @ 100mgs every week then tapered down every week from 80mgs during week 1, 60mgs during week 2, etc.

I am now completely off everything. During my cycle I went from a very lean 218 to 258 and after the PCT I hold steady at 252, so I only lost 6lbs, but kept 34lbs. On a better note, my strength had rebounded just a bit and I’m even stronger now than when I was at the peak of the cycle (don’t understand it, but i’ll take it).

Well there’s the final update. Highly recommend the taper PCT to everyone if you haven’t tried it already.

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Very nice, Johnny. Thanks for the update as well. Its amazing how much muscle you gained over the cycle. Good job once again!

That is very impressive. If you do the taper then you dont take anything else for PCT is that correct?

Very Nice!

Three cheers for the Taper!

34 lbs kept! Congrats, that’s really impressive.

And I cant even think why I would come off a cycle without Prisoner’s test taper. It simply works, period. I admit I’m annoyed by the “extra” injections but the results are worth it.

First off congrats on a very successful cycle. If I understand correctly you just now are finished with the test taper. If you wouldn’t mind could again update this thread in about 3 weeks.

I am a big fan of the taper myself and I would be interested in how much you were able to keep after all exogenous test has been stopped.

Again, good job.

How did you divide up the weekly dosage ED/EOD, mgs? My next will be TestP ED w/taper.

Great job brother and thanks for the info.


No problem guys.

Phileaux - I divided up my shots 3 times a week on mon, wed, and fri with equal amounts depending on what week i was on.

Stabber - yea…the PCT was JUST the test taper and nothing else. I had nolva on hand and access to adex if needed, but it wasn’t necessary.

I’m now several weeks off the PCT and am still holding steady around the 250-252 mark. Whenever I do another bulking cycle I’m DEFINATELY going to be doing the taper method again. It just works…

Great stuff!

Thanks for the feedback.

nice work!