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Test Taper/PCT help

Hey all,

I am on my last week of a 12-week run of 500mg/week of Test C. I tried researching different taper threads and here’s what I’ve come up with. Someone knowledgeable please verify if this is correct.

Last injection of 250mg Test C

The following 5 weeks inject 100mg/week of Test C.

The following 6 weeks after the previous five, taper off the 100mg/week injections.

So it should look like this in numbers

Weeks 1-12: 500mg/week Test C
Weeks 13-17: 100mg/week Test C
Weeks 18-23: 80/60/60/40/20/10mg week of test c

If this is incorrect, someone please explain the proper way.



You may want to wait a few weeks before doing the first 50mg shot of the stasis. You want to be at 100mg/wk during the stasis. By injecting 50mg 3 or 4 days after your last 250mg shot you will be extending the time it takes your blood levels to get down to 100mg/wk

How long do you suggest I wait?

My last shot of the 12 week cycle was this past wednesday.

Also, for the entire 4-6 weeks of the stasis, I will inject 100mg/week, right??? Then, during the following week, that’s when I will actually begin to taper down.

Ideally you would calculate where your blood concentration is right now. Then figure out how long it will be until the level falls to around 100mg/wk by counting half lives.

Yes 50mg 2x per week for the stasis.

That sounds simple enough!!

Thanks man!

Oh yeah, one other question.

Stasis should last between 4-6 weeks. I would imagine that depending on the ester used, which in my case is Test Cypionate, will determine how long stasis lasts. The longer the ester chain, the longer the stasis, right?

Should I stay on the stasis for 6 weeks?

I would let 2 weeks go by after my last cyp injection and then do 4 weeks of stasis followed by the taper as planned. I would also continue Adex throughout the stasis/taper in doses tapering from 0.25mg EOD to 0.14mg EOD at the end of the taper. You could even continue the Adex at that dose (0.14mg EOD) after the taper to keep E2 at low-normal and maximise free testosterone.


Stasis/Taper PCT
W15-18: 100mg Test C (50 mg 2x/w)
w15-18: Adex 0.25mg EOD
W19-24: 80/60/60/40/20/10mg (split 2x/w)
w19-24: Taper Adex down to 0.14mg EOD

You can adjust Adex down if you feel achy joints and low libido.

Okay cool. Keep in mind that I was running 500mg/week. Do you still suggest two weeks before the stasis period?

Yes definitely with the cyp ester. Your serum level will fall by half each week. End of first week (after final injection) 250mg remaining. End of second week 125mg remaining.

Even if you were to wait 3 weeks, blood serum level would still be 62.5 mg. Two weeks should be sufficient.

If all that seems like a really long PCT, you could try to get away with a SERM PCT of 4 weeks also starting at week 15. Cycles 8 weeks or less are easier to recover from and thus a SERM PCT is fine. Yours was 12 weeks, but you did not add any additional AAS known for excessive shutdown (like deca).

W15 Day 1: Nolva 140mg split throughout day.
(Frontloaded to get serum level up to snuff very quickly)
W15 Day 2 - 7: Nolva 20mg/d
W16-18: Nolva 20mg/d

I agree with dynamo here.

Educated by BR.



Thanks for the info, guys!

I’ll stick with the test taper. I have tried the SERM PCT before in the past when I ran Sustanon 250 at 500mg/week for 8 weeks. I recovered well from that. But as you stated, this is indeed a longer run on AAS and I don’t think a SERM will do well with recovery.