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Test Taper/ HCG Question


I apologize in advance for asking this if it has been answered already but I read the entire test taper thread and couldnt really get a clear answer. I am currently on a cycle that I intend to last 14-16 weeks and decided that this would be a good time to try the taper method. My question is how to incorperate the HCG. at the time the taper thread was written the recommendation was not to use HCG but it seems things have changed.

SO, do I use it on cycle then quit in the six week status period or wait until the status period, use it for the six weeks then drop it for the taper?? I appreciate any recommendations. Without listing out the whole cycle I will say that it is pretty suppressive but no 19 nor, so not as bad as it could be.


Dont everyone answer at once lol, just a lot of looking but no replys. Im leaning towards waiting till the status period and using the HCG in the first 4 of the 6 weeks. Partly because I am very gyno prone and HCG seems to cuase flare ups on cycle pretty fast when I add it in my experience. anyway please to put in your 2cc's if you feel like it just intrested to hear what others have done or consider to be the best method.


I think there are no replies because virtually no one uses the taper method.


really? Didnt know that, so just regular serm+HCG PCT for 4 weeks. Is that enough for a 16 week cycle?


HCG is not meant for pct. It's an 'on cycle' drug.

To be honest, I dont think 16 weeks is appropriate for 'cycling'. If youre going to be on for that amount of time, blasting and cruising is probably a better idea.

But that advice is only good for the future, at this point you should read threads on various board about people trying to recover from long cycles.

4-5 weeks of a SERM or two could work. Nothing is guaranteed across the board, too many variables.


Thank you, the advice is much appreciated.


Also I know not to use the HCG PCT, but my thoughts were if used in the first 4 of 6 weeks status then taper that sensitivity would be regained about the right time when I was taporing. I just didnt know that for long cycles the status taper was out of date.


I dont think it's out of date.

I dont think it was EVER that popular. Regardless of cycle length.


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Alright thanks BBB, that is good to know, do you have an idea how long it takes to resensitize after HCG use? Im sure it is dose depending but just in general, how long does the leydig cell desensitization last if you were doing say 1500iu HCG EOD for 2-3 weeks?


1500 iu EOD is a HUGE amount and is unnecessary...250 iu or so 2-3 times/week is plenty.

There should be no leydig sensitization at that dose...the variable here is how long it takes your pituitary to start kicking out the LH/FSH again...as soon as that happens, your testes should respond.


Gotcha, yea that figure was high on purpose just was trying to get an idea on how fast that system recovers. Thanks for the info guys. BTW this cycle is a contest prep Id be happy to actually post the cycle and progress pics along the way if people are interested.


I used the stasis - taper method with great success. no idea why bonez said nobody uses it anymore. i still remember reading Prisoner and BBB (both with huge AAS knowledge) both saying its the best method to go off after long cycles (14-16 weeks) and there where lots of success stories, too. stasis means only 100mg test per week divided in 2 doses for 6 weeks, and then another 6 weeks tapering off. no HCG used during this period, as it would create negative feedback.

would be nice to refresh the stasis-taper protocol with a new and more effective PCT, but as BBB said, is common sense that the body will adapt better to slow changes.


Because you may be the first person in close to 2 years to make it known that it's used.

Obviously it's not necessary to take all comments 100% literally.