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Test Taper Dilemma


I'm doing 100mg first week then 50mg following 5 weeks.
It's been 6 weeks since cycle..

now here is my dilemma..measuring off the dosages! 1cc/250mg of test E is hard to split up, can you imagine doing 2 shots a week of 25mg per shot? even in a small syringe its close to nothing, not to mention how much of it is left behind in the tip and the needle..

any suggestions? Im doing a 100 first week and then 50 after due to this reason, kind of trying to wing it and hoping its right. pretty pathetic

will some experienced users please respond..will the taper even work? I've read that 50mg a week even a 100 wont suppress the natural production.

If I take 50mg per week just so I'm not left dry, will my body rebound on its own within that time? given it's been 6 weeks since last injection.

Also, I'm using Test E..would test C be better? I could do one shot a week, or is every 7 days too far in between even for a long ester?


For the dosage measuring dilemma, most people recommend using 1cc insulin pins. Much easier to accurately measure out those tiny doses.

For the last question, keep your dosing schedule exactly the same (twice a week?) so as to keep the blood levels more stable.


The correct test taper has you doing 10mg twice a week at the end. What's so hard about measuring out 25mg? Are you using a 5ml barrel or what? You should use slin pins.

Twice a week is better than once per week.


I'll try to get my hands on some insulin pins. pushing the oil through those should be fun.

Shadow, measuring 10mg is damn near impossible, correctly at least. Out of 250mg/1cc at least.
This is the test I have available to me, I'm pretty sure its Vet. gear. Insulin pins didn't even dawn on me, good suggestion I will try it.


Measuring 10mg is easy with the correct pins. I use the 1/2cc slin pins and never have a prob. You get less waste as well since there's no tip for the oil to get trapped in; just the needle itself.


simple solution, makes sense.

do you know how much test an average male produces per week? just wondering


I'm not positive but I recall reading that it's something like 75mg week. Not very much at all.


Be sure to warm the oil in the slin pin as its much eaiser to inject that way.


you can get 1cc syringes that you can cap with any size of pin if you dont want to shot with slin pins.


1cc barrels with removable pins are a little hard to come by. And if going that route, be sure to factor in how much is lost in the tip. You're already dealing with minuscule amounts and don't need to lose half of it in the luer lock.


They are available at exchanges most commonly IME, and i also expect at the sites that specialize in just pins and not research chems etc..

Also the loss of gear in the luer can be avoided if there is a small air bubble kept in the barrel near the plunger, which will move into the luer as it is pushed down... it is someting that is fiddly at first but becomes second nature - alot like the aspiration technique does.
It is a technique i would use for the same reason even when shooting drugs IV with slin pins.