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Test Taper and Other Stuff, Questions


I have used and abused Deca alone on and off for years, and i have suffered the appropriate and expected amount.

I have obviously had long lasting problems and i have now decided to begin to use testosterone as my base instead (bad knowledge can be a dangerous thing kids).

I am currently just experiencing the boost from the test, and sex drive is up, not waaaay up, but up. 500mg a week w/ 50mg proviron a day.

Luckily my wife and i are seperated by distance and will be for some months to come it seems, so i am wanting to A/ rectify my drive for good, for our rejoining, and B/ put on a shit load of mass!!! lol!

So my current cycle is going good, and i had planned on doing a 6 week test stasis and 20mg per week taper from there, i have just enough test.
I was also thinking of using anavar to bridge for the weeks “off” till my next Test/something else cycle, aware of the supressive effects, but still.

So to the questions!!:

1, If i do bridge, would 40-60mg taken in the morning on rising only, be the best protocol, or is it simply not worth it, and i should take the time off.

2, If i do use the Var bridge, should i not bother with the taper, as i am not going to be restoring full HPTA/LH function anyway and just go from 500mg test to ~40mg Var a day?

3, Would i be better tapering, as planned, and having a good 3 months off to try and see what my natural endocrine function is like? BORING!! (bearing in mind i wont be seeing my wife, and also if i am not horny as fuck - i dont mind, as i have been known to “not resist” before i was married…;))

4, Should i taper, with no bridge an have a mere 6-8 weeks off and do another cycle for 10-12 wks? NO 19-NOR for me though, i had enough! Seeing as i will get a break, also with zero/not much 19-Nor fucking with me, and i get the benefit of the test libido and hopefully the best from the taper, AND i get to cycle again soon as?

5, Or, should i taper, have a 2-4 weeks off, then the Bridge with the Var, until my next cycle?

6, ALSO, what about some nice drugs to help me in “that” department, seeing as it is 19-NOR induced, would caber be a good idea, if it is progestin/prolactin causing the lack of libido?
Obviously the cialis’ and viagra’s are only good if the libido is there to start with, and i am prepared to go “on” for life, whether that is prescribed (at only 28 though i would struggle) or not (‘not’ is potentially as cheap if not cheaper!)
Ideally, i mean drugs to bring it back rather than a knee-jerk reaction.

TBH, even if i need to take drugs for life because of this, then so be it. I am used to this.

So to the vets mostly, what do ya think?

BTW - dont fuckin bother flame about Deca dick etc… we all know. Ta!


option number 4 gets my vote.

IF you are really trying to restore natural test production then #4 would appear to be the logical choice. Also you may want to add in some nolv during the tapering of the test following the stasis. I am doing this right now with my taper and my libido is great.

I FUCKING HATE NOLVADEX!!! it is seriously shite. I have used it as my main PCT for every cycle, and it sucks… it works for the first week or two then nothing.
I usually have it nearby tough, i do like it too add to my letro if i feel a flare up, and it does the trick.

Option 4 so far lads? Well that goes down well with me, as i get to run a cycle for summer then… building nicely on the size i am building this cycle, (which, incidentally i cant see that much from, but everyone else seems to think i am much much bigger… WTF? Have i gone big-orexic?)
AND also not fuck up my endo test for good - hopefully… thanks guys!

Some more opinions please!! Ta!