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Test Taper and a PCT?

Ok first off my appologies if this is very wrong and a stupid idea.

Could you use test taper and a PCT at the end of a cycle, I know if taper is good then you do not really need a PCT, but would a PCT not just give that little extra boost to natural test after the taper is finished?


That depends on who you ask. When you mention PCT, are you talking about the addition of nolva?

Prisoner doesn’t believe it’s neccessary.

Others do believe it is, arguing it would assist in bringing natural test back on line faster.

Six of this, half a dozen of that…

I plan on using it…this will be my first time, though, so I’ve nothing to compare it to.

I have heard of nolv being used after the taper is over. I think it depends on if you feel your body has recovered to pre cycle levels i.e. mood, libido, testicular size. I am about to start a very suppressive cycle and I will use the test taper (which I like a lot), but at the end of the taper I still may use some nolv to make sure I am back.

I needed nolva at the end of a taper. The taper was good though.

i used clomid during the final weeks of my taper. it worked well.