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Test Taper: Always Tired


I'm on my third week of the stasis (100mg/w) and lately I've always been tired. Everytime i get home from work i want to sleep and have no energy from the gym. On weekends, i'm always craving sleep. My 7 hours just dont feel enough anymore.

I was wondering if anyone else had this happened to them before?

Should I get a blood test done?


Your coming down from doing 200mph to scotting around at 35. Its probably linked to the swing in androgen levels.


I've been sleeping like a bastard and lack energy too. I can't say if it is as a result of the cycle/taper. I had issues before. I did have good energy and drive during the dbol portion of my cycle.


i think this is the case because last taper, i tapered from 500, 250 and stasis'd on 100 then tapered again... It only made sense. This time i throught i'd save time by just going to 100mg.

But should 100 mg be sufficient?


The 100 mg/wk for stasis should be sufficent. Just give it time and you should be feeling better. Are you tapering your adex down during the first few weeks of your stasis as you should be as well?


OK i'll give it time then. I am tapering my arimidex.

Have you experienced such crash before?


I cant advise on the taper but i'm curious to know have you lowered the intensity of your training? maybe you're overtraining now?

Would you maybe consider stimulants before training?

I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread for my taper.


I'm planning on tapering at the end of my cycle as well. Have you experienced any other sides besides the crash? Moodiness? Emo? Grumpy?


Nope, i haven't experienced the above mentioned. But either way, i'm never the above.


hmm you may be right but I'm training just as intense as I was training natural. I'm not a stimulants kinda guy but Ephadrine hasn't done me alot.

The problem is during the end of the day (coming home from work) and waking up. When i'm able to get to the gym, I'm alright.


My friend went down from 750/week to 250 then to 125 for the stasis. He only tapered twice and tapered of the SERM/AI by the end of the first week of the taper so by the last week it was all test. So far so good, the same weights on are still being moved off. The length of the cycle wasn't norm so its still up in the air to what will happen. Blood work is in the future for to actually address what is going on.