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Test/T3 Help


hello there guys, i was wondering if you could give me advice to if i would lose too much muscle at my current dosing ratio of TEst:t3, i am at about caloric maintenance levels right now and i just wanna lose about 5 lbs a week for a month or two

test c:350mg/w (i run HRT
T3-37.5 mcg/d (i plan to stick with this and if i dont see desired results i will alter cals or up dose a lil, 50mcg is gonna be max)

i do 1 hour of low intensity cardio daily (full incline powerwalk)
in your experience would i lose muscle with this current set up?


So you completely disregarded the advise given in your previous thread?

You cannot lose 5 lbs/week while preserving muscle regardless of what drugs you are on. Cut the low intensity cardio crap, get on a decent diet, and bust your ass in the gym. There are no shortcuts.


none of my previous threads made mention to t3....at all....also i lost 4 lbs a week with no muscle loss naturally with low testosterone and i did that for like 2 months....i do diet and bust ass in gym, but i need some help, nothin wrong with that.


i lost 4lbs/w with no muscle loss without AAS and with low testosterone at the beginning of my current cut, i did that for like 2-3 months before metab crashed....also what thread? i dont have any threads about t3 this is my first....not sure what you are referring to....


It's next to impossible to lose 4lbs/week, much less 5, without some muscle loss. Your previous posts indicated that you weighed 148 lbs, are 19 years old, and you are realatively new to TRT. The advise given was to hold off on steroids and get your diet and training in check, while taking the time to get your TRT dialed in properly. T3 is just another drug you hope to use to shortcut your fat loss efforts. What you really need is to lift heavier weights to get some muscle mass to begin with and stop worrying so much about the fat. Fat loss will come with proper diet and heavy lifting. Low intensity cardio is not the answer, nor is more test and T3 or whatever drug of the day.


ive been on TRT for several months now, yes i am 19 but i am on TRT so that is irrelevent...what am i gonna do...mess up my natural test levels?...lol....i did weigh 148 lbs, but im also like 5 foot tall, im not using t3 as a shortcut i am using it as an aid. i am trying to get to low % bodyfat and then bulk lean and clean. low intensity cardio=burning calories, its not counterproductive, and it helps keep cholesterol in check, so why not, other than laziness?...also i was in a deep hypocaloric deficit, but i decided to bump up cals to maintenance for a little while to make sure t3 doesnt catabolize my muscle, and imma adjust cals to proceed with my desired rate of loss, need to play safe... im also running it at a fairly low dose, and for good reason- im doing this so i can have replacement doses of t3, and can cut with a deficit, and not have to waste calories on cheat days/refeeds that would now be pointless, i am not the lazy, idiotic kid you portray me to be, i do things tactfully, with reason, and purpose....now can some1 please drop me some advice on generally what to expect when it comes to muscle loss with the aforementioned set-up?


also....my diet and training are in check....i do cardio 7x a week and lift 5x and get in 1.5 grams/lb of lbm (this should be sufficient unless i really get crazy on the dosage of t3////cut too fast, yeah?) get slightly less than 1g/lb of lb of carbs daily and i get enough fats through my protein sources.


also the drugs are used to compliment my diet/ training, they are a useful tool, obviously.....and also lifting heavier weights /=more muscle.....also i could be doing sets of 1 to failure and you could be telling me to go heavier lol....i mean no disrespect sir i apologize greatly but that really is such an unscientific piece of advice that is thrown around so often and i just find it humourous, apologies if this offends you, i just find it funny is all...


also i have lost 4 lbs a week for several weeks easily and i have a friend who ACCIDENTLY lost 11 this week....even if half is water he still rapes the estimate.....so next to impossible...sir i must disagree, like i said i lost 4lbs/week for 2 months in a row, lifts didnt flinch the whole time, and diet remained same the whole 8 weeks, with low testosterone and no cutting agents, no t3, no clen, no eca, ect. it doesnt take 8 weeks to flush out all water, and lifts didnt flinch....and bodyfat dropped bigtime....had to be pure fat.


So, you are about 5 feet tall. You lost 4x8= 32 lbs of pure fat in 2 months!?
You have to teach us how to lose fat. Not the other way around.
I would kill for such results!


its not hard to do when you start at like 30% bodyfat lol


Soooo your 19years old, 5"0 140lbs @30% body fat. And your on TRT at 19yo. Sucks to be you.


no, i STARTED at 30%. at 1150 (i didnt get to 140) i was at like 10% i think. but yeah it rly does. FML right?


so.....does anybody have any constructive advice? i train 5 times a week.

here is diet: prot: about 250g carbs 100g fats 10 grams.
off days is same except 50 less carbs.
diet is stripped down as hell, keep in mind im like 5'5, and lbm is like 120lb. im a small guy. so what you guys think? is it a good plan?
low dose test, low dose t3, extremely stripped down diet....gonna let diet do all the work....thoughts?