Test T and Tren A Cycle

Hi guys, new member here, I’m 25 years old 96kgs and about 10-11% body fat, have had some previous exp in cycles, ran only test e cycles before and got good results, but ready to have a decent crack at it. Never tried tren but feel I’m ready, my training and diet is down pat as I’ve been a national athlete since I was 13 years old. But can’t figure out how to run a test and tren cycle.

I’ve read that low test high tern is the best for pre comp. I’m 15 weeks out from my comp. what I have is 15 weeks worth of test e, and 6 weeks on tren a , so was going to run it the following way
Week 1- test e 1000
Week 2-8- test e 500
Week 8-14 tren a 400
Week 8-14 test e 250
Week 15 test e 500
Week 8-15 arimdex 0.25 eod
Pct- Nolva and getting some more stuff for pct

I no it seems strange but wanted to no if it was ok to load up on test e then drop it down once I start tren a so there not competing, just got all this test so wanted to use it

Keep the test the same all the way through

Start the adex week one, might want to look at getting some caber as well. Hcg is nice too

By your username I’m guessing your a swimmer? Tren can have a negative effect on cardio

Ok cheers for that, was thinking of adding winny to the end of my cycle as well because I have photo shoot at the end this cycle, how high does test have to be on winny? Or can it just be like tren enough to replace natural, yes I’m a swimmer but a sprinter so have low cardio any way