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Im sure many threads and questions are already in place in what i am about to ask; however, i would like a second opinion. I started out a month ago on a 300mg test blend cloning sustenon. I started with 1cc every 3 days=300mg test blend. And moved to 1.5mg test blend e3d.

I ran out of sust and am switching to another 2 bottled of test enanthate@400mg/ml. I will now run 1cc e3d at 800mg/wk until i establish whether or not it seems underdosed. This cycle will most likely finish around 12 to 14 weeks. I am starting .5mg anastrazole ed this week, and have enough clomiphene to run 100mg/day ed for 16 days straight

any input is greatly appreciated....


What is the question exactly?

16 days of PCT may be a bit on the brief side but its better than none for sure. Ironically thats about the boat I'm in now, I have a handful of nolva and clomids because I had to eat some of the nolva during cycle for some sore nips.

I always recommend HCG if you have it available.


unfortunately i've never had it available, although i certainly would try it. I've been googling the term pregnyl often and can't seem to find nearly as much hard evidence or advice. There's only 1 or 2 guys at my local powerhouse that seem to have any knowledge whatsoever, and they are very difficult to get a hold of without nagging.

I don't wanna be the nag. Granted im 5'8 240 and have come a long way since i've started searching this website, but in this category i am certainly no expert. Alot of my boys who are BIG BIG, seem to get on the stuff and never come off. I would never do it, but i am curious as to how they stay healthy


throw some input at me fellas and experts