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Test Suspension


Couple questions about testosterone suspension:
1) Who has used it? For what purpose (cutter/bulker), and in what manner (ED injections/multiple daily injections)?
2) Who has made it? How hard is it to make? It is a water suspension (bacterial contamination may be a problem), and I read that the testosterone crystals are tricky in the sense of purity.
Why do I ask? I have a UG source that makes suspension. I read that it is hard to make and unwise to go that route when it comes to suspension. I also read that since it is so fast acting (1-2 hrs after injecton) and short lived (test spike lowering in about a day) that atheletes will inject the day of competition (or for "on" bodybuilders, pre-workout). Seems reasonable.
But how will this affect HPTA functioning? Assuming that you are clean, and just injecting once per event? Maybe once every 5-7 days or so?
Appreciate it.


I personally would keep away from UG sources for any product.


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The quality or legitimacy of these products is not in question. I have used UG in the past and have used this particular lab as well. They are good products from some honest guys.
Most UG labs start from some guys who have the know-how and connections to get some powder. Then they brew for themselves and their friends. That is why most are not in it for profit ... I mean, who is going to rip off their friends?

So they make the best stuff that they can. True, some are better at it than others, but they are all good products (as long as they have a good powder source). It is just that oil-based products are a lot easier to deal with.

Anyway. I am waiting to hear back from my guy, so I figured that I would bounce some questions off you guys for some feedback and tips.


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I am currently running test suspension right now, along with a test enanthate, tren enanthate, and some drostanolone enanthate.

I use the test susp on workout days post workout. The injections can be painfull, depending on where you inject. I don't get much pain in the delts but the quads can get sore.

I notice a definite increase in libido shortly following an injection, but within 12 hours the libido has swung the other way, and is actually decreased, even though I am running all the other test and masteron.

I am using femara as an AI with it.

I am noticing some gains. I have been on since Dec 1st so naturally gains have slowed. Water retention isn't noticably increased since I started the test susp.

As for the product itself, the crystals are extremly fine, it is UG. the product looks like milk, and you can draw and inject with an insulin pin.

Sterility has not been a concern, as the way suspensions are made - the powder is disolved into a liquid with heat, and is then filtered into cool sterile water where it recrystalizes, so as long as sterile technique is maintained throughout the entire process, the product is guarenteed to be clean.

It is definitly a lot finer than winstrol depot preparation, and I suspect it has to do with it not having the 17-AA group.

Overall it is a product worth trying. I will be experimenting in the future with other suspension products such as tren, and boldenone base.


As I said that just me - personally I would touch UG but I have the advantage of having access to so much legit gear I just wouldn?t bother.


The problem is these days it's actually harder to get real human gear, than it is to get quality UG gear.

You see it's more profitable to fake human gear and sell it than it is to actually buy the amps from the pharmacy in Europe, and resell them.

I have seen fakes of just about everything, In fact with human gear I operate on a 'assumed fake untill proven legit' basis.


Thanks P22. That is helpful. So why post-workout instead of pre-workout? Did I mis-read? And how much letro are you running?
An insulin needle ... frequent injections won't be such a drag. No clogging? I guess it would depend on the purity of the product. Are you using a water suspension or PEG?
What are your thoughts on using suspension when in an "OFF" phase as a pre-activity boost? Do you think there would be any degree of sustained HPTA supression? Would it be a good idea to run an AI for that day as well?
I guess that is a lot of questions. Any help is appreciated.


The product is pure. The suspension is water based. No clogging.

I usually of course back fill my insulin pins though as I hate to dull the needle on the stopper.

I do it post workout out of personal preference - I don't like to jab myself with needles just before training.

As for the benefits, I think the most important thing post workout, is getting in simple sugars, protein, complex carbs, and more protein. I have actually used the product itself after workouts, and, closer to bed time, and find it works good at staving off catabolism during sleep time, and of course the less you lose during sleep, the more you end up gaining.

As for using the product in the 'off' period, I don't agree with that, as the real purpose of going off is to 're-normalize' your body, while keeping as much of your gains as possible, so when you go back on cycle, your body will respond very sensitively to the AAS again and substantial gains are achieved.

If you use the susp. in the 'off' period, you are defeating this purpose.