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Test Suspension??


I am looking for some people to give me some feedback on their experiences with test suspension and/or IGF 1? I am thinking of giving these a try but must be careful b/c I am subject to USADA testing. Any other info or help that could be offered would be appreciated.


Suspension is great, the only thing I know about it being used when tested is one of my old coaches broke protocol and took a three cc shot of water one week before the nationals and failed the ratio. My other coach stayed with the plan of three weeks off and passed no problem. Thats all the info I have.


If you are looking for basic info on Suspension, I say research alittle or pick up any drug profile book (ie. Anabolics 2000, 2002, 2004 etc.)

On a personal note, Suspension was one of the best tests I have ever taken. It's very fast acting and you can expect impressive gains within the first week. Being ester free, Suspension is stronger than other tests, so you won't need as much, per say. For example, 100mg of Suspension really IS 100mg, whereas cyp or enanth is only 75-80mg (approx.) of pure test because the other 20-25mg comes from the ester weight.

Thanks to this forum, I'll be including site injections in my next bulking cycle with the help of Suspension. Any other test with an added ester must leave the injection site first, enter the bloodstream, lose the ester, then attach itself to the androgen receptors. Because Suspension has no ester, the muscle you inject it into should get the first crack of the gear.