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Test Suspension Window


Hi all I was wondering what the window for test suspension 100 mg is


From what i've heard most say it has a half life of 12 hours (Correct me if i'm wrong), so pinning 2-3x daily is best.


Suspensions differ from steroid ester oil preparations in that their delivery doesn't follow a half-life. In other words, it doesn't follow a pattern of levels dropping to 1/2 after x days, then 1/4 after twice that long, 1/8 after three times that long, etc.

Instead, release (as I understand it anyway) is a function of the total remaining surface area of the particles that have been injected.

This will be highly variable on the specific preparation. A pharmaceutical-quality milky preparation has a huge number of extremely fine particles, with relatively large total surface area, and at first release is quite rapid. However, as particles begin dissolving from their outer surface, the smaller particles reduce in their surface area more rapidly, while those particles that are bigger have less relative loss and still have plenty of area and still release at a good rate.

After a while, release would be slowed to 1/2, and after some other time to 1/4, and another time to 1/8 etc, but not according to any consistent gap. No actual "half-life."

The result is you can still have some release after even a month, yet much is gone within a few days.

Every day injection works fine. Many have had success with every other day as well, but I think daily is better though the difference isn't very important if the suspension is a smaller component of the stack.


I meant to ask what's the workout window after I pin. Is 8 hours to long I know it's after the peak


No need to worry about time of injection vs time of workout.

If it amps you up psychologically to know that you just injected, then it might be done for that reason.