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Test Suspension Questions


I've done some research and didn't find answers to some questions about test suspension. I'd appreciate any input.

  1. I've read the injection site pain is less than prop, but still generally painful.

  2. I would imagine the pain from prop is from the high BA concentration used, though I've also read that the prop ester is highly acidic. Anyone have clarification on this?

  3. Is the pain from suspension due to the crystals sitting in the muscle? I'd imagine both prop and suspension illicit an immune-type response resulting in pain, but I wonder if the pain is different if comparing the two.

  4. I've come across someone mentioning an oil-based test suspension. Seems like this is stupid as I've also read that you have to shake up the water-based suspension before drawing it into a syringe.

  5. What are the typical and maximum concentrations of test suspension that can be made?

  6. Considering the short half lives of prop and suspension, would ED suspension injections be as effective as ED prop injections?

  7. When would be the optimum time to inject if only once per day?

  8. I'd imagine the morning would be best (provided you work out early enough). Though considering that insulin needles would be used, twice per day injections wouldn't be so bad. Would there be any significant advantage to twice per day injections over once per day?

Thanks for any input. Even some info on one or two questions would be appreciated.



I just had suspension which was really pain free. If the crystals are micronized, the shots can be pretty easy to take.

What I found from my own experience is that 100 mg/day was fine. That seems to be the standard formulation. I would normally inject it about three to four hours before my workout, as I read that serum levels peak 4-6 hrs after administration.

My opinion on suspension is that it is something good to run at the latter half of a cycle, which can make calculating PCT easier. (eg., run enanthate 6-8 wks, then switch the test to susp for 4 wks)


I have used suspension and I really like it. I used it once a day (100mg at 100mg/ml), with morning injections (trying to get each injection around the same time in the morning). Used insulin syringes, helped with the frequent pinning, and can also help with spot injections if you want to try those (biceps, calves, tear-drop quad muscle), I did

As far as the pain ... I thought that it was a bit painful, but not overwhelmingly so ... nothing that didn't go away in a couple hours. I think the majority of the pain comes from the fact that it is a water suspension, feels totally different than an oil injection ... kind of burns. The crystals rapidly diffuse into the blood stream, so maybe the pain has to do with the time is takes them to do that, but I don't know.

For the max concentrations, I guess you can throw as much test crystals in there as you want since it is just a suspension ... I have never made any, so I don't know if the concentration is limited by the production techniques


Thanks for the replies. Lattimus, I was going to ask about water-based steroids providing site enhancements as I've come across that info before, that's for the input.



One of your questions that I can answer:

The pain from test prop is due to the formation of propionic acid when the propionate ester breaks off the test molecule.

This can be lessoned through the inclusion of something like triethanolamine in the solution.



You have tried this yourself? What concentration would you recommend? I checked out the MSDS for the compound and found the following:

Potential Health Effects

No adverse effects expected since triethanolamine has a low vapor pressure.

May cause burns in the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Skin Contact:
May cause irritation, redness, and pain, especially on prolonged or repeated contact.

Eye Contact:
Corrosive. Contact causes severe irritation, burns, redness, and pain. May cause irritation, redness, pain, and corneal damage.

Chronic Exposure:
Repeated ingestion has caused kidney and liver damage in animals.

Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions:
No information found.



I've tried it and it works well. In my homebrew I use 0.5%-1.0% triethanolamine.