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Test Suspension Help


Im on wk 3 of test suspension and winstrol suspension cycle. I pin eod 100mg of each compound. I dont wanna pin ed so will this work well. I know test suspensions short half life and this is why i wonder if im wasting my time with eod injects.


You do realise your blood levels will be all over the place?


Thats what im wondering about also. How should change this cycle to get full potential of these two compounds.


dose the test suspension every day. Phool


How many mg ed of the test and what about the winny


Simple math here: 100mg EOD averages out to 350mg per week. So to keep the dose the same but with ED dosing cut the amount in half and pin ED. 50mg x 7 days = 350mg. Shooting 50mg of each every day will result in the same weekly dose you are using now, but with steadier blood levels.

FYI it's good to figure out dosages and injection frequency BEFORE beginning a cycle.


Suspension works best pinned twice a day so 25mg in the morning 25 mg 5-6 hours later (when do you lift bc a shot of suspension a half hour or hr before hand is NIIICE). I think winstrol sucks dick but that was not the question, you could prob just do 100 mg eod with that one but 50mg ed instead would look better on paper ( I don't think you will notice a difference doing it eod vs ed). I've read of people running cycles with suspension and doing it once a day or even every other day and they seems to still like it.

Here is a question Mr.3 Posts on week 3 of his cycle, how are your gains? It's week three with very quick acting compounds so something should be happening...if it's going well then you probably know your answer. I assume it's not going well otherwise you probably would not ask...


Thanks for your post. I am seeing some slight gains. You're right its not going as well as i had hoped and here is y I question the cycle. My diet is good and I train right but Im tired all the time now and sex drive is gone. My pumps dont last as long as i thought they should. I would pin 1hr b4 wrkout 100mg of both compounds and not really feel any burst of anything. I expected more from suspension after all the research and advice from friends that just came off the same substance. Im sure my blood levels arent very consistant giving eod injects and the halflife of suspension. Whats the norm? Should i stick with eod pins or change it up mid cycle? TIA


I would go with what I outlined above and yes change it up midcycle. I do not like the way alot of people talk to eachother here in the past few years so I will say not be a dickhead to you but bro it's kinda common fucking sense if your cycle was as poorly constructed as the one you are currently running then yes there should be no reason to question changing midcycle. Especially with such quick acting compounds things done right should make the difference you are looking for relatively quickly. I dunno if your friends decided to run their shit this way but if so and they made good gians I am pretty supprised.

Suspension needs to be pinned every day AT LEAST from what I have read and experianced. IMO a real nice ride is 50 mg twice a day, with whatever else you wanna run. So in your case suspension run the way I have been saying and you can prob do just fine with hitting your winny eod.


Thanks wideguy. I changed it up and now i feel im on the right track to meet my goal. I wanted to get the best out of this cycle and now i can thanks to guys like u sharing your knowledge. I just got another 20ml of test so im gonna run 100mg ed. I kinda knew the answers to the dumbass questions but its good to have someone tell it too. thanks


You need to hit it twice a day minimum. I would also increase the dose pre-workout, its biggest bonus is the strength increase it gives. If you want to gain weight you should throw in some prop to provide some steadier background levels and up the total T dose.


I've used test susp once a day and its FINE.