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Test Suspension Clogging


Having major issues with this. The first few times it was fine. I don't understand why it is clogging now.

First clogged with a 25g, so the next time I tried a 23g. Still clogged.

Today I tried a 22g.

I guess I could try a 21g next time, but I don't see it making much difference.

Any suggestions on how to keep it from clogging.

The shit is amazing when it doesn't clog.


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Thats all I use it as. 100mg pre-workout on some heavy days. 50-70 on all other heavy days.

I will try the heating, I mean I can't really make it worse... and 22g is a big needle and that shit clogged.

I have been warming it in my hand but I will try heating it more.

BBB, any thoughts on maybe cutting it with bacteriostatic water? I would have to inject more, but I can't really use what I have at the moment anyway.

It draws fine, its only during shooting that it clogs.


Just found some other guys talking about adding a little bacteriostatic water and heating it more.

I will try that if heating it more doesn't work.


sorry to wake this thread from the dead but I have had that issue as well. I thought I was doing something wrong. I use suspension every day. 100mg. kick ass stuff. too much bloat though. when I use testodex 100 it was like thinned out milk shake consistency. what I do is I keep pulling back on the plunger to clear, then try to push. sometimes I succeed after 1-2 tries, other times its more than 10 times to push that sucker in. I use a 23g 1.25"

btw, big skwatta, after you mentioned you only hit the quads, I've been doing those and it's better than the glutes. so thanks for that.


Run the vial under really hot water, constantly spinning it, have ur 20 guage ready to draw with , swab the top with 91% alcohol real fast and yank it out, then run the syrngeunder the same water so hot ur sayin fukkina my fingers are burnin, have the 22 or 23 ready and real quick throw it on, u should swab the area before this processs btw , glute quad or whatever, slap the pin on and go, should be buttter, all done quick so it dosent cool off after you warm it worked for me years ago should still work for you now


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