Test Suspension - Clear Water or Milky?

Ok I have two different batches of test suspension. The first batch or shipment I got was a clear water. The second shipment was a milky/chunky crystal color. Did reformulate test suspension to a clear watery liquid instead of white ??

Not a fan of suspension but all the vial I’ve seen were pretty clear with crystal at the bottom. I would prefer TNE, that’s is in oil

I love suspension. Hurts like hell. But just pin push and done. When I had suspension it was a milky white with crystals. My first suspension was clear looked like some clear crystals too. The next batch I got is like a chunky white that doesn’t mix. I assume it wasn’t heated right? But when I draw with a 23 ga it draws clear. I guess they reformulated.

there is no such thing as ‘reformulating’. There are not formula options outside of manipulating the concentration. What COULD be the case is that your second batch crashed.

I’ll also add that when you ‘drew clear’ from your second batch, but the vial is milky/chunky white, it means that you didn’t actually inject much, if any, test. It has to be homogeneous prior to injection. Otherwise, you’re just injecting the carrier, not the test. Your dosing is going to be all fucked up, lol.

So if I injected the clear vial (with some clear crystals) there’s no way it would work? And if it did the dose would be fucked up.

no. that’s not what i’m saying.

I’m saying that if you have a clear vial, without chunks (aside from the few crystals), then the compound is homogenous, and it should be good to go. If the compound has large chunks, and it DOESN’T mix, that is when you have a problem. Just think about it man, this is common sense. The chunks you’re seeing are the thing you want to be injecting, lol. If the chunks are staying in the vial, that means they aren’t going in your body. The chunks SHOULD be dissolved in the liquid.

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The clear one was the first batch. Took almost 2 months to get. The white one was the reship. 2nd batch

I have like 8 vials of there test c

is english your first language?

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Suspension means just what it says. Instead of being dissolved in a solvent the active ingredient is suspended in a carrier solution. The consistency of the solution is not important. What is important is getting an evenly mixed solution. That means if you see particles floating you should agitate the solution so that it becomes homogeneous before drawing a dose for administration.

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So Test Sus100 clear is no good- the white crystals are the actual gear- clear water is just carrier? i have 2 in my hand and they could not look more different! Same provider/brand! grrrr

You obviously can’t read. Everyone in this thread said clear water IS OK. Jesus Christ.