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Test Suspension and Clearance Times

This post is intended for the vets who may be able to help me get through someof the more confusing data out there. I appreciate anyone who can contribute.

If I use 50 mg of Test Suspension pre workout 1-3 times per week. What would the clearnce time be to pass IOC drug testing. Perhaps the best question here is what is the clearance time between injections 1-2days? and I would be totally clear?

From what I understand these small dosses would not throw the epi:test ration out of line. (keeping in mind not looking to bulk jut gain an edge) If it did throw the ratio out of whack how long does it take to get back under 4:1?

There are a few questions here but I am afraid I am sufferring from anaylsis paralysis…any help is greatly appreciated.

I don’t envy anyone who has to deal with that test nowadays. Back in the good ole’ days of six to one ratio, we were able to stop Suspension three weeks out and pass no prob. I can’t say anymore, now that they test to see the origin of the testosterone present if its over four to one. I personally would not even attempt to pass that test until I had myself tested beforehand several times to know exactly how fast my body clears the drug, but that’s just me. If in doubt, don’t compete until your sure you know what works for you.

Thanks Galv…anyone else able to shed some light or direction?

BUmp…anyone have any advice on this?

I don’t think you are going to find any “hard and fast” answers to your question.
As far as literature goes (and as you already stated) it should clear in 1-2 days. But anyone who has a definite answer isn’t going to be your average joe posting on this site. They would be an elite athlete who has the resources to check things like that.
But I don’t think you would have a problem with just 1-3 doses spread out over a week. I think the biggest issues are spikes in T-levels (which is the point), but this could possibly result in suppression. So long-term you might be worse off than if you did nothing.