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Test Suspension 1 Shot a Day?

Anybody who had done 1 morning shot of susp a day instead of the recommended 3, for a 6-10 week cycle, and got good results with little sides ?

I was thinking of using it at 30mg every day first day in the morning as a part of my natural test spike with some Var 20-40mg
goal ? boost recovery and work capacity. THATS IT.
please share
thanks !

Sounds like a rather bad idea to me.

Just enough to throw your hormone levels out of wack without getting any real results.

30-40mg twice a day would make things actually beneficial for you.

i have no problem shooting twice a day, can i shot twice in the same spot every day tho ? only places i do are delts ass and quads… dont touch anything else. so doing each twice a day would allow me to recover for a week between shots.

BTW when i say same spot i dont mean EXACTLY… a couple inches apart from the first injection…

You should utilize as many spots as possible. However with the substance you are using, rotating around those 6 sites and the minimal volume you will be injecting you should be fine with them.
It sure wouldnt hurt to study up on a few other the others, even if to only hit from time to time.

Cool, I will take your advice ! thanks !