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Test Susp/Base Test/ TNE?


I am on 500 mcg sust/ 400 mcg deca right now. In week five no issues, great results and wanna continue the cycle with test. I was leaning towards Enath, but see where some of you guy are running susp, or base.

Would you recommend one of these over the enath?

I am just not fully understanding the pros/ cons of the no-ester test.

Any advice is appreciated


First off, just to clear any confusion, you are running your gear in mgs not mcgs.

TNE has to be injected daily. Some people inject it a few times a day. Powerlifters like to inject it directly prior to lifting. However, most do you use it as a test base, but rather add it to their cycle.

Sust is a blend of multiple test esters, both short and long. Really needs to be injected ED if not EOD.

Basically, test is test. As long as it is real lol.

Just stick to whatever you're using and is giving you good results.


Suspension is the shit but must be injected very often once a day atleast but every 12 hours is optimal. But when it comes to Test it is about the best you can get in that it basically works almost immediately. If you can afford it its hard to beat 100mg daily of Test Suspension but, on a mg per $ its pretty expensive compared to E and C but well worth it.


thats what I figured, maybe I will just stick to E for a while


thanks for the info