Test Supercompensation Post-PCT

Has anyone experienced, or is there any evidence of that, test levels can naturally increase to higher levels after PCT (as in higher than prior to the cycle)?

I ask because I just finished PCT for my first cycle (test E 500mg 10 weeks). During PCT no wood, slight depression, and neutral weight. During the end of the last week of PCT, and now into the next week, I have shed 10-15lbs, seen lifts and mood elevate significantly, and my libido is THROUGH THE ROOF. I did nothing… nothing different at all, zero changes.

To compensate I have eaten over 4000 kcal for 3 days straight (tons of cereal and peanut butter…), and saw zero movement on the scale. Finished the cycle at 218, now sitting at 203… and shredded. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Also I will have the results of my bloodwork in tomorrow, which will obviously answer the question, but interested in hearing if others have experienced similar.

Thank You