First of all, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to prohoromones. Mainly because of $, and well, I don’t know why else. I tried Ergo’s 1AD. Not one friggin result. It sucked. In my case anyway. So now I got some cash and a itchin to get a good biotest T stack. I want to try 4ADEC or Tribex or even both. What are the stacking recommendations for such a cycle. In other words, how much of what, for how long, with what? For example, 3 weeks 4adec, with M, followed with 1 week of tribex. Most of you guys love these supps., so I’d really appreciate anyone telling or showing me where or how to go about this since I don’t have a clue. Thanks a bunch.


How bout this: 2 bottles 4ad, followed by one bottle of Tribex and M. Is a 3 week stack of 4ad too long?

Did you eat more while taking 1-AD? If you don’t increase cals. than 4-AD will probably not help you either. Also, you should wait till after 4-AD-EC to take tribex. 4-AD already brings your t levels up to high or high-normal and tribex will not benefit you as much.

Before you do ANYTHING else, go to the FAQ section of this site and read. “Even teachers were once students.” Best of luck.

Actually, I used the 1AD during a cutting phase, so I didn’t eat more. I was hoping it would help me lean out and hang onto some muscle. Neither though.