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Test Side Effects?

I’ve been pinning for about 5 weeks now. & all I heard before I started was
How energized & awesome u feel while on ur cycle. Well that hasn’t been
The case for me. I’m starting to feel like once I’m done with my cycle…never again.
Here’s what’s going on when I first started for the first 2 weeks I was basically crippled
Couldn’t lift my leg to tie my shoes, limped around like a old lady,test flu.Thankfully all that has
Stopped to a extent.

So now I still limp around but not as bad (pinning glutes) & for the day after
Pinning I still get test flu symptoms again not as bad but it still has me sluggish
& I am just exhausted. My average day consists of waking up @ 5am working 12 hr
Shifts on my feet in a 100 degree machine shop then working out around 7pm
Which by that time I’m dragging ass seriously!

The whole " feeling pumped up"
& on top of the world feeling…I haven’t seen any part of. I pinn 2x a week 2cc’s
(test prop) I’m 32 about 175. Is this normal? Will it pass? Any advice is appreciated.

prop should be pinned eod as a minimum

Damn man that’s your problem. Prop at 2cc in the quad would kill. Prop us infamous for having ALOT of bite even at .5 and 1 cc. Start shooting 1cc every EOD atleast. Even better .5cc ED that would drastically reduce your pain and limping problem while keeping you at the same dose.

It will probably help with your mood as well because your blood levels will be staying much more stable as opposed to having a shit load of fast acting test hit your system and then crash a few days later. This is why you have to do your research before you just start putting stuff in your body. You could have saved your self alot of pain and stress.

Test prop often has PIP. You should be using a longer ester E or C. That would allow you to pin twice a week like you currently are and have less PIP. With your current product and pin schedule its no wonder you are having problems. Your levels will be all over the place due to the infrequent pinning and you are having pain due to the prop being a (often) painful ester. As Reed said you probably should have done more research.

Hey I appreciate the feed back & I’ll try eod at 1 or @ .5 & see how that works.
& yeah I should had been more thorough. But I largely relied
On my supplier for the info I know I’m probably gonna get blasted for this
But she’s a bodybuilder competes & is totally ripped out so I assumed
She knew what she was talking about…apparently not

Maybe some of what she told you was correct. I don’t want to discount her advice. Maybe her experience is different being a woman and also being at it for awhile. Regardless, test prop has a short half life and should be pinned EOD or even ED. It is also known to have some pain after injection. It is known for being one of the worst esters for PIP.

Reed gave you solid advice …

I pin prop ED with slin pins when I use it. Rotate your sites.

The fact that you say you haven’t felt anything at all could mean you could have some bunk gear also but hard to tell until you start pinning it right. But when I have taken prop … felt it rt away.


She told you what works for a female. Test prop every 3-4 days for a female is perfectly fine for a male its going to have you up, down, turned around and in alot of fucking pain.

One more thing should I still stick with pinning my Glutes only? Cause I mean DAMN if I start pinning ED or EOD.
I would think that would be brutal on my ass! The glutes are the only site I’ve pinned before. But if I got that site down I’m
sure I can manage pinning elsewhere. Also I’m using 23gauge x 1.5 needles is that cool? Or I need different supplies?

Do yourself a favour and pick-up some insulin pins, I like the (1cc, 12.77mm, 29G ) from wal-mart. I rotate delts, quads and lats with these. Havent tried glutes, but if you’re lean enough, shouldn’t be an issue.

Hopefully you’re pulling from vials, swab the vial, push in the air, and pull out to your desired amount then duck tape the vial upside down with the slin pin already in it to the wall. come back in 5 minutes and it will be full. push out the air bubble n pin.

Or you could just do what I do… extract with 18g and pin with 25g x 1. Been doing that in my quads, no issue. Sometimes I have my wife do lat shots for me, absolutely no pain there, but that’s only when I’m doing my TRT dose, she doesn’t know about the extras LOL

i rotate, quads, tear drop, hip, glute, pec, bicep, shoulder, trap, and subQ stomache. if i could reach other places i would pin them too… all with .5cc 1/2" 27ga slin pin