Test Shortage in Australia... Still. Is Test Undeconate a Viable Substitute?

There is still a pharma grade shortage of testosterone in Australia. My sustanon prescription can’t be refilled because the chemist can’t get any more for another month at least due to a shortage with the suppliers. I have run out, so I need to find a substitute. Test E is even scarcer and it won’t be available until December!!! WTF

Options are testogel, which is fucking gay. The only other stuff is Test undeconate. Is that any good?

This poor supply of drugs is giving me roid rage, that is rage over lack of drugs.

After being busted last year for possession I can no longer risk getting UGL test, as the police can do random inspections. I never had any trouble getting UGL stuff ever and it was fucking cheaper too .
The Pharma CO importers are supposed to have emergency stashes, mandated by legislation to ensure a proper uninterrupted supply to patients. The government makes these fucking drugs illegal without a script and yet you can’t reliably get them legally anymore. Fuck them!!!

Testosterone ester Half-life (days) Testosterone fraction
propionate 0.8 0.837
enanthate 4.5 0.720
cypionate 8 0.699
decanoate 14 0.653
undecanoate 20.9 0.632

It not perfect but the best of the choices you listed.


as shown by hrdlvn it is still Testosterone

just lower ratio and takes longer to kick in

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