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Test Sermorelin Dhea


Hello I have a question I am currently in 100mg of test cyp a week and 100mg of Dhea a day,also my doctor will start me next week with sermorelin forte. Is this a good blend


You probably will be interested in these stickies in the TRT forum:

  • advice for new guys
  • thinks that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections

Consider creating a thread there for your self after reading the above stickies.

How low is your IGF-1?

What is your DHEA-S level when taking 100mg DHEA per day.
Too much can lead to high E2 levels for some guys.
That seems like very high amount.
Absorbs better with meals that have more fats/oils and not with high fiber foods.

You will use sermorelin for a while, then you do IGF-1 lab work to see if it works for you.
Do not do GH labs, IGF-1 is the best indicator of your GH status.