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Test Scrotum Cream Experiences?

Still on injections. I was doing both. I think I’m about to stop hcg

I went from Test Cyp 190 mg per week to 20% scrotal cream, 2 clicks am and two clicks pm (200 total) and my libido plummeted. It went from good to bad in the first week and never really came back. Stuck with the cream for about two months then decided hell with it and went back to injections. I found this odd because most people experience the opposite. Oh, I also experienced increased hair loss, but my hair is dht sensitive and I knew I’d probably get hairloss going into it. Was hoping I’d feel so good on the cream that I wouldn’t care, but nope.

No wonder. 2 clicks is a good dose.

You are taking hcg and injections and cream.

Hcg produced T and that converts to dht. Same with inj and same with cream.

If you want to benefit from cream just take 2 am and 2pm

This is the worst way to do trt.

Depends on the quality of the cream. Some pharmacies cream is shit and they use the wrong base. They also screw the formula up and it’s not potent enough.

You have hair loss genetics so I would def stick to Injections if it works .

Right, I was wondering about the quality of cream, but I trust the doctor who provided it and know he’s up on exactly what to order. Plus, I really felt it in other ways (besides libido), maybe I didn’t give it time to adjust, but with my rapidly increased hairloss I just wanted to get back to injections anyway. I figured I’d give it a try.

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I was the same. Mine was through defy, and it helped pretty quick with erection quality and libido. But after a couple of weeks the effects faded and it was making my hair thin quickly is why I stopped it.

Hair loss or thin. I believe thinning is usually due to thyroid and loss is due to the genetics where DHT causes hairloss in men.

Does this apply to women as well?

Yes. My wife started thyroid treatment and her hair has been getting thicker. its been 6 months and yesterday I noticed her hair was thicker and not as thin as it used to be. her hair girl said she noticed it to.

Hair loss and thinning are different . if she’s losing hair im not sure if thats thyroid for a woman, but its worth a look.

Yeah my wife’s is getting thin. Her moms is the same way. Both gained weight at roughly the same age, same hair thinning, same body shape, etc. among other issues.

She’s textbook thyroid issue. Like literally if you google hypothyroidism symptoms she has like 9/10 and half of them neither of us even knew could be related. But her regular doc says she’s fine, of course. Take more vitamins he says. Same ol story everyone on here has. TSH 0.4, doc wouldn’t test anything else so I’m going to get her some labs.

Yah dude get her with a good doctor she will be greatful for the help when she realizes how much better shell feel. Her body will lean up quickly, mood will get better, and hair will get better if shes not too old .

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