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Test Scrotum Cream Experiences?

I have still not been feeling great and have had reduced sensitivity. My dr is wanting to supplement my protocol with a dosage of dht cream since my numbers are within range but on the lower side and that’s with my test high which will likely go down some. I was hoping I could get some insight from anyone that has experience with it? Number one, I don’t think hair thinning or baldness has been much of a problem in my family, my hair is pretty thick. Will it cause my hair to thin? Or is that only if your genetics call for that? Secondly is there any evidence of dht even helping with libido or increased sensitivity? And lastly, does dht effect e2 or anything else? I guess what I am asking is do I have to alter anything else in my protocol? I’m taking 350iu hcg three times a week and 200 mg/ml test cyp at .25ml three times a week. Thanks for all the help guys!

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I just want to be sure I know what I’m getting into.

Is there literally a DHT cream, or are you talking about 20% T cream applied to scrotum to give you a DHT boost?

I’m sorry your right I’m sure it’s just the scrotum cream that boosts dht

But still curious if it’s implemented along with my regular protocol If I need to change anything and If there are risks/benefits with it

I’ve asked exactly the same thing, it sounds interesting. I see you’re doing HCG along with Test, any particular reason?

Over the years I have heard some men state HCG lowers libido and penile sensitivity.

Yeah I’ve started to wander about cutting the hcg. To answer everyone’s question on that the testosterone completely shut me down at one point where I had major uncomfortable scrotum shrinkage. The hcg helped with fertility as I just got my wife pregnant, and dr wanted to keep me on it to keep things functioning. Ive never been a huge fan of it but the low dose of .125 anastrazole seems to counteract the e2 spike I get so I kept taking it

But even with my test sitting at 1100 currently my dht is 46 from labs. Which is in range but I think range is 30-80 so dr that there would be some room to try it

You’re taking Adex as well? It might be easier to drop the Adex and HCG and just see what test does. Having said that I’m only on test and keen to try the cream out. In my experience DHT compounds boost libido, so it makes sense to me that creams will do the same due to the conversion.

Well I also have I believe what some call pssd from quitting a long time antidepressant cold turkey and so it’s hard to tell if numbness is that or hcg. I am on anastrazole but taking .125mg three times a week after injections so on a very low dose even though I don’t like it but I aromatize high towards e2 which is also why I’m looking at upping dht

Im wandering if the cream is prone to hair loss? It’s never been a problem for me but don’t want it to be either…

If you’re 35+ and not losing hair already then it is what it is, DHT shouldn’t change that.

I’d still take the advice of dropping HCG and AI and see where you end up after a couple of months.

Yeah I just need to get with the dr and see where that would put my test dosage. He had mentioned keeping hcg but a much lower dose and being able to eliminate the AI but I’d rather take hcg our all together honestly. I mean I don’t really need to be fertile right now

And my estrogen is pretty close to baseline. My baseline labs it was 28 and right not it’s 32 with the AI. But that’s on non shot days so could be a little higher I guess on shot days but probably still not too bad

So 100mg of cream per day, 150mg/week injected and HCG? Yeah does seem a little on the high side. I’d compare it to something like 250-300mg/week of injectable only if I had to try to boil it down to one metric

I’ll double check with dr then my levels are already high on test

I didn’t know If it was calculated the same in a cream through skin

Cream is only something like 15-20% absorbed according to most, so you can’t really directly compare it to injections.

My rule of thumb has been a daily dose of cream is comparable to the same dose weekly of injectable

Ie 100mg/day cream is in the ballpark or 100mg/week of injectable. It’s def not perfect but for a rough order of magnitude I think it works fine.