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Test + SARMs + Clen

Hey guys I ran 500mg test e for 12 weeks than I had my pct.

After my pct I got straight into sarms

I have been using these for just under 8 weeks planning to only run for the 8 weeks.
Once I finish I plan to take clen for 2 weeks on 2weeks off than 2 weeks on again

Than in October I’m planning on running anadrol for 3 weeks starting at 25mg a day pre workout building up to 50mg a day pre workout while running test e at 750mg a week

Just after some advice on taking the clen between my sarms and cycle if it would be fine. Diet and training is in check.

Cheers in advance.

That’s a lot of cycles in a short amount of time. The clen question aside, why cycle-pct-cycle-pct like that instead of just cruising in between? Or better yet taking some appreciable time off?

And sure, you can take clen like that. If you handle the sides fine then I don’t see an issue with it being used that way.