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Test Run Diet (Similar to V-Diet)


Okay, decided to do a quick 3 day test run of the V-Diet just to see how mentally difficult it will be to do it. I also wanted to see what my stomach feels like with a liquid only diet. Why 3 days? I hear people saying first 3 days are the toughest. If it works, then I'll actually buy real stuff from Biotest and do it for real later. Just using department store protein powder right now. It is the best tasting chocolate flavor that I've tried so far so that's why I chose it.

Anyways, 2 days into it right now and the biggest problem is that I already absolutely hate the taste of the shake now. Smelling it grosses me out. Not eating solid food while watching everyone else eat isn't a problem. Gym session yesterday also felt pretty good (didn't feel weak).

What was the toughest part for you while on the V-Diet?


Good luck on your pretend, wannabe V-Diet....How on earth do you expect to see how your tummy will feel on the real V-Diet if you aren't using the real V-Diet supplements? How do you rationalize that in your head? Apparently any chump who lives off protein powder for a few days now can claim they are on the V-Diet....jesus...

man people are really cheap...at least you haven't put any idiotic questions into the FAQ yet


I figure what I'm doing can only be worse, not better than the real thing, so if test run passes, then real one should be good to go and if test run fails then it is inconclusive.

"Apparently any chump who lives off protein powder for a few days now can claim they are on the V-Diet....jesus..."

You have a point if I am testing the effectiveness of the diet for fat loss and muscle maintenance but I'm testing for the feel of no solid food and testing to see what kind of sold food cravings I might have.

As I said, it can only be worse, not be better than the real thing so if it passes, it gives me useful information of whether or not to spend $600, and if it fails, more testing is needed. I'd say a quick 3 day test is well worth it for spending $600.


At least get some protein with caseinate as the main ingredient


Yeah, your rationale and methodology is, to be generous... fucked up.

I wrote a bunch of stuff but deleted it because it boils down to: you are being a wuss.

So you can either continue wussing out, or man up and do it whether it 'feels good' or not.

And that's to say nothing of the fact that you aren't even 'trying' the recommended supplements.

The 'test run' is 28 days with the right gear, not 3 days with whatever crap you found at Wal-Mart.

(Some of us who have completed the program can see very clearly where you are likely to fail, and it pisses us off. Most of us have fought those same demons at some point, and have come out on top. We would like you to do the same, but you will need to adjust your perspective.)


Ya, I am wussing out on spending $600 on something I might not carry through with. It's like before you do online shopping for something expensive and can't be returned, you go to a local store to try out something similar before you dish out the money for the real deal.


Couldnt you have just bought ONE or TWO tubs of Metabolic Drive?

That way, you see what the diet is going to be like, and if you dont want to do it, you have a couple tubs of quality protein to work into your normal diet.

Or am I being to sensible?


Don't be a pussy - I've done something almost identical to the V-Diet twice:

1st: Everything the same except regular fish oils, unflavoured whey conc+maltodextrin instead of Surge, unflavoured whey concentrate + unflavoured calcium casienate blend. Lots of flax seeds/flax seed oil, etc. The unflavoured shakes... the smell and taste made me want to gag right from the word go and the calcium casienate was forming curds in the jug as I mixed it... yummy. I did the full 4 weeks and holy crap it was rough.

2nd: Calories the same, protein set at 1g/lb bodyweight, trace carbs (under 25g), protein powder this time was reflex nutrition peptide fusion (whey iso, egg, milk protein blend... closest thing I could get to Metabolic Drive for reasonable amounts of money in the uk), post workout nutrition was unflavoured whey iso + leucine + glutamine + creatine and lots of bcaa's during training. This time however I decided to try some brocolli twice a day and some almonds for extra fiber.

The first was just disgusting... the second had much lower carbs...

Man up - the V-Diet isn't difficult.


I had a very successful V-Diet (went from 245 to 225), so I'll fill you in on my feelings on everything.

Shakes - Biotest makes 4 flavors of Metabolic Drive for a reason... I thought I liked vanilla the most, so got 6 tubs vanilla, then 2 chocolate, 2 strawberry, 3 banana. I got tired of Vanilla real quick, but luckily I had 3 other flavors to mix with. Tired of all of them? Go neopolitan! Combined with peanut butter, Superfood, and any kind of spice you can lay your hands on (I liked pumpkin pie spice with vanilla), you can really mix things up.

If you "balance" the shakes you're having, you won't really get sick of the taste too much until after week 3, but I chalked that up to my overabundance of vanilla and the "Home Stretch Demons" as I call them.

I had hunger cravings, but considering how much I had been overeating in the past, I chalked it up to that. I was fine not eating around people, and nobody really gave me any grief for it. I went through graduate school open houses and whole days in the computer lab without much trouble (except when I was nice and ordered pizzas for my group in the computer lab) by just packing some containers with powder.

The biggest change I went through was my sense of smell. There's a nice deli right off campus and about 500 ft from my girlfriend's dorm and their bacon smells DELICIOUS. On a clear day, I swear I could smell that place a half mile away... I can't say I ended the diet with all those "healthy" cravings, but it did become easier to make the healthy choices on most occasions.

Since the V-Diet, almost a month ago now, I've gained back 5 lbs, some of which I chalk up to water weight because you just won't carry any water on the V-Diet, however I've stayed at 230 almost perfectly consistently for the past month.


Ya, I could have, but right now I'm using something that's less than 1/3 the price ($26CAD or $22.76USD for 4.4lb vs Metabolic Drive @ $34USD for 2lb). I'm a student and that $600 price tag for the diet is more than half of my monthly income. There are probably others who have done the V-diet with less income but I hope you can see why I chose to cheap out for the test run just in case it shows me that it might not be probably for me to carry through with the real one.

This last day seems pretty easy. I think this quick test run will conclude that I should be able to carry through with the real V-diet. My next dilemma is when I should start. Currently I'm at 174lb (morning weight) @ 8.8% body fat (caliper test, or 10% via electrical impedance test). I'm wondering if I should be bulking up a little more before I start the diet or not. Right now, I'm making good gains at the gym. I just switched last month from higher volume (8-12 reps per set) to lower volume exercises and saw lots of gains in my 5 rep max. Right now I'm at 5RM atg squat of 245lb, 5RM deadlift of 315lb, and 5RM bench of 225lb.

Yeah yeah, I'm pathetic and imbalanced. My squat numbers should be higher for what I can bench. Over the years, I've quite squatting (or working on legs in general) quite a few times just so that I can fit back into jeans. It sucks when you try to put on a nice pair of jeans and you can't even get it above your quads when the waist is already 2 sizes too big.

My goals:
Squat: 365 1RM
Deadlift: 405 1RM
Bench: 315 1RM
5% body fat over the summer months after doing the V-diet and hopefully maintaining.


Why would you even consider the V-Diet when you're already so lean?

IMO, you're better off following something like Get Shredded to go from 8% BF to 5% BF.

If I'm not mistaken, Chris has even stated this.


Yeah, the V-Diet is definitely for people who are overweight, not undercut. At 8.8% BF, I think this would actually be a completely unhealthy diet.


Damn, I thought it would help me lose that last bit of fat too.

If say I went up to 12-13% BF after a bulking phase, would V-Diet be appropriate then?


Well, results are that I lost 4lbs in 3 days (morning weight). Most likely >80% was water weight due to the low carb intake (the department store protein has 2g carb per scoop). BF % measurements are within day to day variations with the caliper test so can't say anything there.

Most important thing is that it didn't feel that hard for the 3 days so the V-diet is definitely something I'll try in the future (with real products).


I wouldn't even recommend the VDiet until you're at 15%+ BF, really. And yeah, I'd say most of your 4lbs were water weight, especially when I lost 6lbs in 2 days on the real V-Diet. The first week on the V-Diet is the "Big Loss" week, and after that you lose like half what you lost the first week.


That diet is for you. Don't intentionally fatten yourself up for the V-Diet, if you want to bulk up, read one of the hundred articles out there on how to pick up 500-1000 LEAN calories per day.