Test Results

Hello, I have been on trt for about two years. Started with patches and am now injecting 1ML cyp test a week.

I never really felt that trt was working as well as it should be. The VA is my health care provider, and while they provide the test script they really are no help after you are in reference range.

So I payed out of pocket for testosterone free,total and estradiol. With the following results.

Total test 860 with a reference range of 348-1197 ng/dl

Free test 41.3 with a reference range of 6.8-21.5 pg/ml

Estradiol 56.8 With a reference range of 7.6-42.6 pg/ml

I am looking for suggestions on what my next steps should be. Estradiol is high, should I use LIQUIDEX to bring it down?

I know that more blood test are going to be needed but I am on a limited budget and I know that the VA isnt going to prescribe HGH or Arimidex or for that matter anything other than Test.

I am,
44 years
49 inch waist
250 lbs

Body hair is normal, no balding

I carry fat around abdomen, chest

type 2 diabetes

RX SERTRALINE, Statin discontinued

Diet is low carb high kcal

Training is upper lower w/ additional day for back.

Testes did ache when I started injections, but has passed. Maybe a little softer, but no size change.

No morning wood or nocturnal erections before trt treatment or after.

Thank you in advance, if more info is needed I’ll post it up.

Your SBGH is probably really low hence the high free T. Low SBGH can be caused by insulin resistance.

What is your injection protocol?

100 mg IM once a week?

I think you meant HCG instead of HGH, you can get that on google as well as the AI.

I’d recommend:

20mg of T EOD
250iu HCG EOD
.25mg Arimidex EOD
200 mg calcium d glucarate. ED

Any other labs or thyroid info?

Thanks for your reply. The only other test that is current is,

Prostrate-specific, AG serum 1.4 ng/ml 0.0-4.0

No thyroid problems, however I will check body temp today.

Protocol is once weekly 200mg/1ML. Should I dose this at 50mg EOD?

I had always thought that Arimidex and HCG were by prescription only, is this not the case? Any ideas on reputable online sellers?

Is liquidex legitimate?

Thanks again.

Your free T is really high, you don’t need 200mg a week.

Now that I know you have 200 mg / ml, maybe try lowering to 140 mg a week. That would make E2 managing easier too.

With very low SBGH you probably hypermetabolize. I’d suggest 20mg ED. That’s 10 on a 1cc insulin needle.

You can try DIM, ICD3, Calcium D glucarate and check if E2 drops. E2 is aggravating your PSA.

HCG can affect T numbers specially if you were secondary, so if you add this you might need to make adjustments.

For the labs aim for upper normal range free T or just slightly over. E2 in the low 20’s.

For HCG try safemeds4all

Your results look similar to mine at that dose. I have low SHBG and metabolize T pretty quickly. I am currently doing 40mg EOD and 125IU of HCG on the other days. This put me at 550 total T and the top of the range for free T. My E2 was a bit low so I dropped to .3mg of Adex on T days. EOD injections have made a huge difference in E2 control. I also take Calcium d-Glucarate.

Liquidex is fine to use. I used it for a long time. I second aiming for low 20s on E2. If your SHBG is low, you aim low for E2.

Thank you very much guy’s. I have learned alot the past couple of days thanks to you.

I will lower dosage and will spread my injection throughout the week. I also will be following the rest of the protocol that you suggested Tunapancake.

dhickey, thank you for your experience also.

Once I have made the adjustments, how long should I wait to get another blood test for TT FT and E2

I usually wait 2 or 3 weeks before retesting. It shouldn’t take too long for you adjustments to stabilize. The one exception is getting a bit too low on E2. When reducing Adex, probably best to wait three weeks. Just and educated guess though.

I received my AI a little over a week ago. Having dosed at 6 drops twice during the past week, I feel a lot better, in fact it was really just to day that I noticed that I am not any where near as tired as I have been. A smoother, way less stressful day.

Does it continue to get better?

Today I received hCG, and I am wondering if I should use it. Sack is not tight, testes are same size as ever, maybe a little softer. I guess that my only concern would be the production of Pregnenolone. Is there more I need to be worried about?

Could I use a lower dose, than the recommended 250iu? To guard against future complications?

One other thing. Estrogen is converted from testosterone through adipose tissue. You should really start looking at a diet and workout out regime so you can lower your estrogen levels. At your height and weight with those estradiol levels, if you were 170-180 lb your estrogen would be much lower, and probably even perfect. The fact that you have that much weight on you, currently treated with just testosterone and not with an AI, your estrogen levels are much lower then what would usually be expected.