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Test Results, Worth a Referral?


I just got some blood work done. It wasn't a comprehensive test; just a test test.

Total testosterone: 446 (250 - 1100)
Free testosterone: 89.0 (35 - 155)

It seems pretty low on the scale, without actually being under it. Does it warrant an attempt to get an endo referral? I'm 25, but I experience all the usual symptoms associated with low T, including gyno.

Let me know if I can provide any other info.

Also, allow me to add that I know that the comprehensive tests are superior, but money is something of an issue for me. I was hoping that this test would indicate whether to invest in further steps.


Yes it is worth further tests - especially if you ar elooking at your symptoms plus labwork and not considering only lab values (you shouldn't have boobs).

Bare minimum I would suggest E2, TSH, Free T3, and 8am cortisol


Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.