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Test Results with High E2

Hello everyone, I’ve had some blood work done recently as I’ve not made any gains for what seems like forever and just seemed stalled out in life generally. I’ve been training since I was about 15.

I paid for the tests myself and had to ask for the E2 to be added and I’m glad I did because it’s stupidly high. From what I’ve read on here (thanks people), it would explain my lack of gains due to blocking any positives effects from my (what seem to be) normal T levels.

If I’m reading the results right, my immune system seems to be run down as my Platelets etc are all at the low end of the spectrum (Asthma??)

Not sure on the high Potassium, Sodium & Urea levels

-age 42
-height 6’
-waist 31"
-weight 175lbs (really light skeleton)
-beard grows easily, some hair at base of neck/top of back , moderate chest hair, legs and arms an average amount I guess

-I store fat on my belly, hips and chest, I was a fat kid but been lean, no higher than 12% for about 20 years now
-Diagnosed Asthmatic last year, occasional preventative inhaler use, only used reliever about 4 times in total. Had a few episodes of Atrial fibrillation from age 29 - approx 35, Atropine to revert cardiac rhythm, last 2 times rhythm reverted by itself

-No hair loss or prostate meds ever, only recreational drugs would be alcohol and that is only very occasional
TEST PERFORMED FASTED (overnight from about 20:00) AT 09:00, Wed’ Sept’ 7th, only exercise for 5 days previous was a 25 min walk to the clinic prior to the sample being taken

Full Blood Count
HAEMO 16.3 g/dl (13.0 - 18.0)
RBC 5.12 x10^12/L(4.5 - 5.5)
HCT 0.47 ratio (0.4 - 0.52)
MCV 92 fl (82.0 - 99.0)
MCH 31.9 pg (27.0 - 32.0)
MCHC 34.5 g/dl (31.0 - 36.0)
WBC 4.1 x10^9/L (4.0 - 11.0)
RDW 11.3 (11.0 - 16.0)
PLATELETS 157 x10^9/L (150 - 400)
NEUTROPHILS 53.5 % (40.0 - 70.0)
NEUTROPHILS (Abs) 2.2 x10^9/L (2.0 - 7.0)
LYMPHOCYTES 32.9 % (20.0 - 40.0)
LYMPHOCYTES (Abs) 1.3 x10^9/L (1.0 - 3.0)
MONOCYTES 5.7 % (0.0 - 12.0)
MONOCYTES (Abs) 0.2 x10^9/L (0.0 - 1.2)
EOSINOPHILS 7.2 % (1.0 - 6.0)
EOSINOPHILS (Abs) 0.3 x10^9/L (0.0 - 0.5)
BASOPHILS 0.7 % (2.0)
BASOPHILS (Abs) 0 x10^9/L (0.1)

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
ESR 2 mm/Hr (2 - 10)

Urea & Electrolytes
SODIUM 141 mmol/L (135 - 145)
POTAS’ 5.5 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.3)
UREA 7.5 mmol/L (2.5 - 7.5)
CREA’ 85 umol/L (58 - 110)

Glucose (serum)
GLUCOSE 5.4 mmol/L (3.5 - 6.0)

OESTRADIOL 147 pmol/L (28 - 156) I think this equates to 41 pg/mL

TESTOSTERONE 27 mnol/L (7.6 - 31.0) and this to approx’ 780 ng/dl

-Diet has mainly been Dr Beradi’s PN (for at least 5 years), recently tried Shelby’s Lean Gains and just seemed to increase fat stores and no noticeable strength increases
-Training has recently been 531 on 3-4 days per week; main exercise + 3-4 assistance.
-No history of aching gonads
-Morning glory had dropped off (if you see what I mean!), but is now back to normal; this may have been due to relationship/work stress issues

Right, so where do I go from here? Any input gratefully received

Very high E2 indeed. I would test Free T but you at least have quite good total T it seems. We can probably surmise that you have high SHBG (usually tracks with E2) and therefore free T is not as high in the range as total T (informed guess here, not a universal fact).

Read the E2 sticky and the “finding a good doc” sticky. Are you fatigued often?

I would also test TSH, Free T4/T3, 8am cortisol.

I’d think you would be a good candidate for AI-only treatment if other tests come back in range.

I’ll have a scan through the “finding a good doc” sticky, but I’m in the UK, so not sure how easy it’ll be. I’ll take my results to my NHS GP (the private GP I used to get the original lab work done said the results were “fine”; bell end!) and see if he can arrange some follow ups. I’ll print off some of the relevant stuff on here to take as back up to my GP as well.

Thinking about fatigue I’d have to say yes, I’ve got energy for work and training (and training is very hit and miss, some sessions are good, others are just plain poor, and as I said in my 1st post, not made any appreciable gains for a good while now). I’ve had more than my fair share of sore throats, colds etc too, even for someone who works with the public.

I’m looking at taking zinc (50mg twice daily?), increasing my cruciferous veg, maybe a glass of red wine a day (though wine drinking doesn’t seem very T-Nation) and ditching all plastic shakers, drinks bottles, meal containers etc for steel, glass and ceramics as intermediate steps

The reason I ask about fatigue is to asses a potential thyroid/adrenal problem. I would run the tests I listed above, and note that you will probably need to be on an AI to get that estradiol lowered. There’s a lot of good info in the “Estradiol” sticky you can read… far more than I could put in one reply post.