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Test Results-What's your input?

Would appreciate some input from the board here. You guys seem pretty informed with regard to HRT.
Had my test checked a few weeks ago. It was 240 out of a 241-827 range. Ended up going to a “specialist” that had me get addt’l bloodwork. This was done at 9am, I woke up at 6am.

Testosterone, Serum
188 range 241-827

Free Test
8.7 range 8.7-25.1

FSH, Serum
4.7 range 1.4-18.1

2.0 range 1.5-9.3

9.2 range 2.1 -17.7

Doc’s nurse said he would consider starting me on Testim 50mg and see where I am in 4 weeks. Anyone have good luck with this? I know it works differently for each person but just concerned since my numbers are so low.

Also, I’m aware since reading up on HRT, mostly from this board, that there should be addt’l hormones checked. Unfortunately until I can find a better doc this is all I have to go on for the time being.

Yes, most doctors who know anything about HRT will test for much more. It is unfortunate that E2 was not tested before going on Testim. You need to insist on it your next bloodwork. Check out prior posts by KSMan, Caged, and a few other resident experts. I am sure they have elaborated on the specific hormones that shoould be tested for, as an absolute minimum.

Hopefully they will comment here and save you some time.

Undone id right. You need to do some research and talk with ksman. I’m in the medical field and haven’t met anyone woth the knowledge base that he has.Good luck