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Test Results Lower After 3 Months

my story :
i was on androgel for about month,i didnt felt anything…after that doc,prescribed me testosterone depo,250 mg every three weeks.i felt little bit better,did my blood test after 3 months and results was shocking for me,every thing was lower than before :
FSH- 0.7(1.3-8.1)
Free TEST.-17.60pmol/L (30.9-147,4)
TESTOSTERONE-7.40nmol/L (9.3-35,1)
estradiol-0.182 (<0.20)
TSH-2.06 (0,3-3,6)
FT4 -10.90 (10.3-22.8)

still waiting for SHBG results,but before i never had problems with it.always good results.
can anyone help me?why did i get lower results than before?is this dosage too small?? thnx

When was the blood draw versus your last Test injection ?

At the end of third week

Your doctor is an idiot. At the end of 3 weeks your T is gone, you are mostly shutdown and swimming in residual E2.

You need to know more about these things that your doctors so you can manage your own healthcare and not be passive.

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
    – need to know a lot more about you, post labs and ranges, ??? pre TRT LH/FSH???
  • protocol for injections - what you need to do, frequent self injections
  • finding a TRT doc
  • thyroid basics

Thyroid is a mess, see last sticky above.

  • TSH should be closer to 1.0
  • fT4 should be near mid[-range, is low
  • fT3 should be near mid-range, is a bit high
  • do not be fooled by the thyroid lab ranges, they are useless and mislead doctors and others.

Check your oral body temperatures and post:

  • when you first wake up
  • AND mid-afternoon
    If body temps are low, get rT3 tested

Inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of [subclinical] hypothyroidism.


FSH : 1,70(1.3-8.1)
LH: 1,4(1.0-5.3)
prolactin: 423(72.6-407.4)
FREE test 13.5 (30.9-147.4)
TEST.: 9.10 (9.3-35.1)
SHBG: 48.7(17.1-77.6)
TSH: 2.46 (0.3-3.6)
FT3:16.40 (10.3-22.8)
FT4:5.90 (3.03-6.47)

FSH : 0.5(1.3-8.1)
LH: 0.5(1.0-5.3)

FREE test 17.1 (30.9-147.4)
TEST.: 11.9 (9.3-35.1)
SHBG: 52.3(17.1-77.6)
TSH: 2.43 (0.3-3.6)
FT3:12.40 (10.3-22.8)
FT4:4.90 (3.03-6.47)
E2 was in the range and everytime i had good results of E2
today,on injections,results above

You had primary hypogonadism. Some of that can be from the thyroid state and your prolactin is also a candidate for a cause.

Still do not know your age. Prolactin seems to be a younger man’s concern.

Prolactin can be from a prolactin secreting adenoma. These can grow and press on your optic nerves. The sign of that would be a loss of width of your peripheral vision which should be near 180 degrees. A MRI is used to image the pituitary to see if the adenoma is visible or getting large enough to be a problem. The adenoma can be managed and shrunk with oral 0.5mg Dostinex/cabergoline per week. Lowering prolactin can sometimes allow the HPTA to work properly. Prolactin reduces dopamine which can have negative effects on mood. Lowering prolactin should improve dopamine.

“E2 was in-range” is not helpful. Got numbers?

Any sign of gyno or feeling deeply, can you feel grains of rice in chest tissues? E2+prolactin is a definite gyno risk.

Any other things we should know? Don’t get T Tunnel vision.

I cant find e2 numbers.but i remember that it was ok .never had problems with it. Age :27.
Doc.didt gave me pills for prolactin.can prolactin be cause of low T while i am using test depo…there is no sign of gyno.i feel lot better on injections (fighting with depression) but resuts shocked me.

[quote]brko123 wrote:
At the end of third week[/quote]

Nuff said…
Its like you gave your dog a gallon of drinking water on day 1 of a heat wave…
And figure’d he’d have enough to last 3 weeks…

1 injection per week MIN…