Test Results In Range for TRT?

Hey guys 43 year old here my history is back when I was in my 20s I took anabolics on and off for 10 years after stopping I always kept in good shape and still worked out religiously to this day eat great get decent sleep but in the past few years I started to feel like crap all the time and have had all or most of the low t symptoms so I got tested my testrone serum level’s are 367 and free is 11.1 from what I see on the charts I’m bording the low end for my age? anyhow was thinking about starting a trt regimen. Do you guys think my levels are in the range for trt at my age or should I just suck it up lol. Despite having a spot on diet and training schedule I still cant loose my gut and have trouble putting on muscle I’m currently taking ashwagandha and I’m a non drinker. Thanks!

Do you have any bloodwork from before taking anabolics to see what your baseline was beforehand?

Those are pretty low numbers. Some people feel OK even with them that low, some feel like crap.

Since you’re already familiar with T injections and are presumably comfortable with them I would lean towards trying TRT for 3-6 months and seeing if it helps. That is assuming nothing else is obviously wrong, such as thyroid

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No unfortunately that was over 20 years ago and I never got any blood test before or after just recently I just had a wide panel of blood test done and everything was good. I suspected they were low and yes I feel like crap plus problems with keeping a solid you know what lol thanks for the reply!

My values were a little better than yours when I started. I haven’t looked back or doubted it since.

I’d make sure to get a full hormone panel before pulling the trigger.

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Yes the trt clinic did a full panel the results just came back today my family doc didn’t even want to discuss or even test me for low t just tested blood for other issues I’m under they impression that hes against trt in general. Idk I’m really looking forward to some positive improvement in my health and life and I’m pretty sure that I cant do more or anything better so trt seems to be a tool to get there.

I’m similar to you only going back about another 20 years and with a 13-14 year history of AAS use. Started TRT in my late 50s. Very much regretting that I did not do so in my 40s.

You are low, but so what. Below matters more.

You do not have to live with this. Of course, complete (or more) labs would be nice, but you seem like a perfect TRT candidate. Good luck.

You need to read “Testosterone For Life” by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an expert on testosterone which states men below 15 pg/mL (ranges 10.5-26.5) will show benefit on TRT. Truth be told these levels are quite low for a 43 year old when you look at everyone else at this age.

That’s not to say a doctor in your healthcare provider is going to prescribe TRT, you may have to got to a private anti-aging doctor with these in range numbers. My provider doesn’t treat patients with “normal” levels, the only thing is normal can only be known when looking at where the majority of men are scoring in your age group, then come up with the averages and if we go by averages, you don’t even come close.

Wow yes pretty low from the looks of that chart and yes I do have script in the making at a trt clinic just trying to research before I pull the trigger but its already approved and my test and was paid for just waiting back to see what is going to be prescribed he mentioned test cypinate ameridex and hcg but I dont know the mgs yet as we are in the initial stage of things but yes I will check out that read you recommended

I’d just start with T only. No need for HCG unless you’re making babies

Why are they recommending hcg I rember taking this after a ped cycle back in the day to get back to normal and I’m snipped and way to old so deff no kids in my future 1 is enough lol. I was confused at this also ameridex I understand is this commen with trt treatment with others?

Thanks highpull good to know others that have been in the same place I’m pretty sure I’m going through with it just need to get the protocol dialed in.

It’s a cookie cutter recipe that a lot of TRT clinics start with.

Most people feel better without the HCG. It basically is supposed to keep your balls working so they keep producing on their own. A lot of people feel terrible on it, though some feel better on a small dose. It’s easier to start without it IMO to keep things simple

Arimidex is to reduce e2. It’s not something you want to be taking if at all possible. It used to be super common when most people thought e2 in men was bad but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Most people don’t need to take this. There seem to be a rare few that do better with it than without it for whatever reason

Easiest way to start is With T only. Then you can add from there if it’s actually necessary (not likely). If you start with all 3 it’s nearly impossible to know which to adjust if you’re having issues.


This^. Good advice. Out of curiosity, what was your E2 level?

E2 is 15.7 so normal I guess?

Yes I agree this seems very logical why take things you dont need probably going to have to argue with the doc about it but oh well my body not his lol thanks

Without knowing your range, that seems low, so even more reason to stay away from arimidex.

There seems to be some confusion, normal doesn’t mean healthy. I had normal iron (ferritin at 35) upon starting TRT, but you need 70> to have optimal thyroid function. So while my iron was normal, it wasn’t the healthiest.

My healthcare provider only cares about normal even though it’s not the most healthy. I have seen men diagnosed with osteoporosis with estrogen in the low teens. You want estrogen is the 20-35 range, some men need it higher.

You definitely do not want an aromatase inhibitor then. You will feel better with a higher E2 level.

Ok so with this trt clinic they use a compounding pharmacy and they use 1mg of liquid ameridex mixed in with the test c so no way to not take it so after a week or so of tedious research and the advise from you guys if come to the conclusion that ai’s are not the way to go and could potentially be harmful especially if I’m on the low end this company I’m with wants me to run them weekly for life while only testing once a year . I tried talking to them about this concern and he basically said you’ll be fine your 15.7 e2 level is fine just start taking everything and we can test you in 3 months. I think hes a salesperson/owner he was a little hard to get ahold of also. One thing that concerns me is the fact that nobody went over my test scores with me and I was fast talked and talked down to when I brought up the fact that I didnt want to take ai’s. My lizard brain is seeing major red flags lol. I looked up the compounding pharmacy they use after recieving the meds and it seems like they dont have a very good reputation. So long story short I refuse to take any of this stuff and I called defy medical they seem pretty reputable and concerned about my well being ai’s dont seem to be used unless absolutely necessary and aren’t mixed in with the test. Anyhow I have to cancle with the other company and start all over again unfortunately. Defy said my labcorp test should have most info but I might have to take another one. So thanks for warning me about the ai’s from all the research they seem like a horrible medication if your e is lower already and not something I want in my body for the rest of my life.

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Here you have a person running a business that really has no clue what they are talking about. I doubt this person that runs this clinic is an actual MD doctor.