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Test Results In, Need Help


Finally got my other labs back. Hoping you guys can help me make sense of them.
TT-520. Range. 348-1197
FT-9.1. Range. 8.7-25.1
E2-12.2. Range. 7.6-42.6

I'm not curently on an AI. I was asked by my doc to take 100 of cyp in one shot and then test was done on day 7 from when I took my last dose. My appt with the doc is not until the 20th and I would like to go in with as my knowledge as possible. She is very willing to help and to listen to me but I need to know what I'm talking about first.


Have you read any stickies here: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/about-the-t-replacement-category/38/2?u=ksman
* advice for new guys
* things that damage your hormones
* protocol for injections
* finding a TRT doc

How long on that T dosing?

Put some info about you in this post, this post has not info about you.

What other labs have been done? Labs and ranges please.

At day 7 your levels have dropped a lot then the labs are sort of meaningless. Inject twice a week and do labs half way between injections so the results relate so whats going on in your body.


I've been on trt for 4 years. Was on androgel for the most part. Always felt off with it. Very high and lows with it. I tested as high as 880 with it but still didn't feel like is was addressing the whole problem. I started injections in January. First dose was 200 cyp every two weeks. That was awful and I felt like I was on a constant roller coaster. Have been on weekly infections for just about 6 weeks or so. My levels have always been in the low 300s when I'm not in anything. Feel very lethargic and foggy headed when I'm not in anything. This is the first doc that was willing to test anything other than TT. Most docs don't even want to discuss estrogen levels esp E2. I was wondering why my E2 levels were so low when I know I have exp high E2 in the past. I got gyno when I was about 25 from taking steroids. Lately my gyno has ached after shots. Never felt that with androgel. I was honestly expecting E2 to be very high. I have had psa and other normal blood tests done and all of them were in normal ranges.


You can have steadier levels self injecting 50mg twice a week. You can use $29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes. These are around $14.00 at Sam's/Walmart, their Relion house brand. Inject IM into quads or SC over same. Many jurisdictions allow those syringes without a script.

Transdermals have the highest potential for T-->E2.

I often find issues in "normal" lab work.
Any thyroid tests? TSH, T3, T4, fT3, fT4?


No thyroid tests. I will be asking for those when I return. I am currently injecting in quads but have been using a 1in 25gauge. I def like that better. I have other close family that has real issues with T>E conversion. I will try for a retest of my levels mid week instead of end of week. Is there any way to know where my levels were at mid week if at day 7 they were at 520. I def will also ask for an AI and will be discussing hcg the stickies were very helpful with the info on that.


Well there's no point in estimating your levels. You should always have a particular day that you get your labs on to monitor, this avoids timing changes.

I inject Tuesday and Saturday, and always take my labs on Friday- mid way. This is one of the reasons pinning twice a week is recommended on here. Levels are more stable and you don't have to worry about what your levels may be on a particular day.


It's early in the morning and I was up very late last night, but isn't Thursday halfway between Tuesday and Saturday? I inject on Wednesday late afternoon and Sunday morning and I test around noon on Friday.


I inject Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings. 2.5 days after the Tuesday injection that is Friday morning. Though I don't think that there's a need to be anal about this, injecting sub q twice a week give fairly stable levels and I doubt matter of hours will change results. I just chose Friday as the day that I'm gonna do all my tests as its a good mid point. These things I think will be more imp when injecting once a week or less frequently. Getting exact middle would be inconvenient in this scenario, so I prefer not to worry about this and hence did all my reading before starting a protocol so I don't suffer from the confusing aspects of testing and monitoring.

Sometimes when I am out or can't do it on Saturday mornings, I'll do it later as well. Perks of frequent pinning.


Lol. I'm just busting your chops. I agree if you inject sq twice per week, your levels will be pretty steady so no need to be so anal about testing time. Somewhere in the middle is good enough.


Thanks for the replies. I am def learning a lot from all of your posts. I'm very active and I want to be as healthy as possible. I'm on 35 about to be 36. I know this is a life long commitment and I don't want to play around with it. I've got three boys that love sports and hunting and fishing. I want to make sure I can be here for them and be active with them. I will def make sure when I go back on the 20th that I am in between shots. I am planning to start twice weekly infections. It does make a lot of since. I know a week is too long bc day seven I feel diff and by the time it kicks in there is a lull for a couple of days. Steady wins the race.


So I've been reading that E levels move slow. Is there any way that my levels were high in the beginning of week and are down to 12 by the end of week. Like I said I know I've been having symptoms of high E2.