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Test Results In. Need Help


Ok about 3-4 months ago requested my dr check my test... It was low. Just a little under the bottom number on the spectrum.. Started injections. Was prescribed 1 cc every 2 weeks but decided to split and take .5cc every week. Dr never mentioned coming in for retesting or checking other things so i went to another dr last week. He wanted to check other things and see where i was. Well i just got my test back and test levels are 402 out of 249-846. E level is 31.1. The problem appears to be lh and fsh levels. Both show <0.2. I take injections on saturday and the test was done on friday morning. Can someone please explain to me what could b going on. Hair growth is normal but i do notice that th "boys" stay shrunk up most of the time

Also i have arimidex but have been waiting til test came back. Is this something i need.


Any doctor that tells you your LH/FSH levels of <0.2 AFTER being on testerone injections has absolutely no clue what he is doing and you should run far far away. TRT supresses your body's natural production of LH/FSH so of course they're going to be low (close to 0). Any doctor that can't figure that out is not worth the copay.

Saying that you inject 1 cc is meaningless since we don't know your concentration (mg/mL). How many mg of test are you injecting per week? This is a good start.

Your T value of 402 represents a valley since it is 6 days after your shot. This doesn't tell you a whole lot except that your value stays above the lowest part of the range for the duration of your treatment.

Are you injecting yourself or does doctor do it for you 1x per week? If you are self-injecting, start doing it every other day (EOD) or every 3 days (E3D). This will allow you to use less T over all, and will help with any aromatization issues. You would get your bloodwork done halfway between injections which will show you an AVERAGE of your T-levels through that timeframe (this is more beneficial than valleys, IMO).

Your E2 test is useless because who knows what your aromatization looked like after the injection adn the days after? By the time you got it tested, it could have stabilized. E2 labwork is another case for more frequent injections as it allows you to better dial in your E2 levels before dosing.

You didn't provide a range with your E2, so we don't know if you got the right test done. Need sensitive from Quest (4021x) which is a 13-54 range. Labcorps is something like 3-70 (this is also ok). Other E2 tests are for women and are useless for men's TRT context.

Read stickeys at the top of the forum and ask questions after you have done more legwork.




Yeah sorry i didnt explain thoroughly. My original dr had me on 1cc (100mgl)every 2 weeks (200mg per ml). I decided to split that dose and have been taking 100 mg a week... I just went to a new dr who recommended lab work. I went ahead and Irdered the test myself and had my blood done at labcorp...

I dont see th dr for another week to discuss the test..And i now understand that the 0 levels are normal

Estradiol 31.1. 7.6-42.6

Test serum 402. 249-836


You are a getting estrogen dominant.

Read the stickies?


Yeah ive started takn .25 mg arimidex eod. Do u think this is a good startn point


that is not what I would advise.

jumping into a treatment program without all of the details is dangerous.

have you read all of the stickies? (I see a pattern developing here).


I read th estradiol sticky and have been researching for sev months now. I have a hard time comprehending medical lingo and some of this stuff confuses me. I am not a doctor but from what i have concluded is that everyone will give u different advise on the infamous internet..i know that t is converted to e and that elevated e levels are not good as well as e levels that are too low...my blood test shows my e level at 31 on th day before injection..therefore i assume that after the injection my my e levels would b higher due to higher t levels..maybe im wrong. I was experiencing itchy uncomfortable nipples before the arimidex which is now gone.

My plan was to run the arimidex for a month or two and then take bloods again, a couple days after the injection...i am in no way trying to be rude so please dont take it that way.. I just want to be running on all cylinders.. I guess my question to you is what would you do right now if you were in my shoes and what further details would you like to know.

Thankk you


Your once a week injections are doing 3 things:
1. Requiring you to use more T to maintain your levels (more frequent dosing allows you to use less)
2. Dumping too much T to E2 due to the quick spike
3. Making it impossible to get meaningful bloodwork done in hopes of tuning in your T and Adex dose

You will find in the stickeys here on this site the recommendation to inject every other day or every 3 days (EOD or E3D). This will allow you to maintain stable blood levels and allow you to get bloodwork done at a meaningful time (halfway between injections) so you can determine your average T and E2. You can dial in your Adex dose from there.

The stickey also recommends 1 mg/week of Adex for 100 mg/week of Test.

You don't need to be on adex for very long before you stabilize...I think 3 weeks would be ok


you really need more blood tests (or if you have the test results, then post those so that we can review them) to determine what is really happening to your system.

Items such as Thyroid and Cortisol can have a major impact on Testosterone and Estradiol levels. Measuring and fixing those are critical.

D3 D25-OH, Ferritin, Magnesium, CHOL, SHBG, DHEA-S, etc. give you data points that help rule out or confirm certain conditions or deficiencies which can help you tailor your treatment plan to your specific situation.


In your situation, weekly anastrozole amount starting dose would be more like 0.5 mg/week in EOD divided doses.

We give best advice based on available data. If there is no data, you get limited results.

Read the advice for new guys sticky. Read other stickies to find good things that you were not looking for. Read other guys' threads too.

Post all of your lab work with the ranges too.

We do not even know how old you are.




I am 31 years old. 6'3 275 lbs, been lifting around 1 year....