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Test Results, Help Needed Please


I am a male, 56, 200 lbs, 6' in pretty good shape. For the last 5 years I have had clasic adrenal exhaustion syptoms that were argavated by any physical activity, or working out. (depresion, sleep problems, cold even though it's hot, lack of sexual desire, very tired, unable to lose weight, diggestive problems, listles, irritated etc.)

I finally got some test done and need help to figure them out.

All the standard test all ok, except total choles. 275. (>250 high risk)
HDL 82 Optimal
Triglyc. 121 Optimal
LDL 56 Optimal
So the all the other choles. are optimal and ratios are optimal. (I think total is high because low testestorone)

Hemoglobin is little low: 13.3 ( 14-18)
Hematocrit is also low: 39,3 (41-51)
Lymphocyte high?: 45 (20-45)

Total T3 is low: 87 (87-178)
Total T4 is low: 6.09 (6.09-12.23)

Teststerone low: 2.98 (3-10.6)

DHEA-Sulphate low: 148 (80-560)

GH 0.03 (0-10)

I have not been able to workout over the last year and have gained 10 lbs of fat. My viceral fat went form 15% to 18%, which is high. BMI is 30% and total fat is 30%...all too high.

I did not have any adrenal test, because they don't have salaiva test here. But I did some of the home test last year and they showed that I had adrenal issues.

There test were done in Thailand and I am going to see a doctor here, but like to educate myself about this first. Doctors here are notorious of just giving you something without too much thinking about the long term effects.

All in all I do feel pretty good now that I have taken a year off training; I wake up feeling fresh, sex is happening, mood is up etc, but I am worried about low test results effect in the long run.

I have been taking daily 2 x 7 KETO DHEA 25 mg and 1 Pregnolone 50 mg for few months and they and rest have really uplifted my spirits and tiredness. I still get shiwers from time to time and feel cold even though it's hot. So there still are issues to be resolved.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tim


Do you use iodized salt or have iodine in your vitamins? If not, perhaps you have an iodine deficiency. Check your body temperatures when you first wake up and mid afternoon. Report here, F degrees would be better.

Test LH/FSH TSH and fT3. Read the blood work/lab work sticky, and the other stickies.

Shivers: could be a tropical disease. Chronic infections are very hard on the adrenals.


KSman, thanks.
I have had low body temp, now it is back to normal though. But when I was really sick, it was very low.
I saw a doctor here in thailand today and seh gave me my first testerone shot 200mg..I will go back for second in 4 weeks.

She said my thyroid is ok, and told that I have entered in andrpause, which is possible; I am 56 and have had hot flases etc.

These are some new test results form today.
Follicle stimulating hormone: 5.07 (1-8)
Testerone 2.27 (2.8-8) very low.
afternoon cortisol 14.97 (2.3-11.9) Little high?
thyroid stimulating hormone 2.8 (0.274-4.20)
Free T3 2.25 (2.00-4.40)
Free T4 1.31 (0.93-1.70)
Estradiol E2 52.8 (15.45) High?
Luteinizing hormone 3.90 (1.7-8.6)

In Bangkoko Hospital, which is a high end hospital here, they don't have testestorone cream or jell so I had to take the shot. It's very cheap $10 per month. they have anohter one that is shot every 3 months, but it cost $300.

I was thinking that I may want to switch to cream later on. If I do, what kind of daily dose I should start with?
Also Should I continue to take 7 keto DHEA and pregalogene, I think the DHEA is helloing.

I still think that I may have some throid issues as well... but may have to get a second opinoin. But my testestorne is also low so now that will be taken care first.

Thanks for any help. tim


free T3 is terrible. Ideal is 3.2 - 3.8 I believe.
TSH is a warning sign.
high cortisol could be a warning sign.
depending on the test range E2 could be 200% of ideal.

200mg every four weeks is a recipe for disaster.


He obviously has not read the stickies. I agree, this is not going to go well.

Do you use iodized salt or have iodine in your vitamins? If not, perhaps you have an iodine deficiency. Check your body temperatures when you first wake up and mid afternoon. Report here, F degrees would be better.


Thanks for repy: Can you tell me more, I don't understand enough these thing.

High colestroro a warning sing of what?
200 mg evey four weeks; why it is a no good? Should I take more or less?
E2 200% of ideal?

I know you cannot give me specific adivce, but what is the direction I should start looking into? An in your opinoin what could be causing my low hormonal values?

I am not a bodybuilder / trying to get big (don't need a lot of testesterone). I just want to lose 10 8lbs of fat and get little more musce. My main aim is to stay healthy as I age.

And I do feel 100 times better now than how I felt about a year ago when I had all the claical signs of adrenal fatigue or thyroid problems... now my main consern is to have my hormonal balance back on track.

Question: can one's thyroid get better with just rest and normal suplements? If not, then I have not had a thyroid problme, because I have gotten so much better just by resting (no gym etc.) and suplements.

Thnanks. tim


thanks for reply.
I don't use too much iodized salt, only in restaurant etc. But home I use sea salt. But I have taken see weed taplets and eaten sea weed in my shakes. I also have used Lugos solution form time to time, but I am not sure how much iodine I should have.

Also I have been taking Thyroid energy, which has Iodine from kelp 225mg, organic kelp 60 mg, tyrosine 1000mg, and many other stuff.

Also I take Isocort, which coudl explaing the high cortiso level? I take only one pill a day.

And what you mean this is not going well? Can you tell me more as what to do..etc. Thanks a lot. Tim

PS I admit that I ahve not read too much about hormones etc... but trying to learn as much as I can. If you have any good simple sources for solid info for newcomers, please let me know.


Tim - please read through all of the thread topics that are 'stuck' at the top of this forum (hence - read the stickies). This will answer many of your questions. There is some deadwood in there, but it is mostly good information.

and yes, IsoCort contains 2.5mg HydroCortisone equivalant, so yes... that definitely will skew your test results depending on how much you took, when you last took it, and how long you have been taking it.


thanks, I have been taking IsoCort for 5 months, one pill a day, in the morning. And I took one the mornign I had the test done. Maybe it's the IsoCort that is helping me and not the DHEA?

I will read up on this stuff, but one question: Sould I continue with 200mg shots every four weeks or strat using cream? Or whoud I change the dosege of the shots...to what? (I am not bodybuilder, so my main consern is health not gainig muscle.)

If I take small amounts of testetone, should I take some medicine to counter possible estrogen effects, or is that a problem only if one takes a lot of testesorone?


if you read the 7 topics at the top of the main page most of your questions will be answered.

injecting every 4 weeks is terrible
yes you might need e2 meds



there is no way to know 100% what will work for you.

for some DHEA is great, for others it converts directly to estradiol and screws them up (like me).
for some IsoCort is great, for others, it suppresses their HPTA and ACTH and causes them to crash.
for some creams are great, for others, they can't absorb enough or it converts differently.
for some HRT is great, for other, they really had a thyroid issue that should have been addressed first.

the best is to get as many test you can, and then work with a doctor through trial and error to see what helps your symptoms (and does not cause your blood tests to skew too far out of range).

my primary recommendation is to try and only change one thing at a time. Otherwise it is impossible to figure out what is doing what to your symptoms.