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Test Results. Bad Feeling about It

(edit) I have added the ranges from the paper.

Hi guys, I just received my results after one year on TRT. I haven’t been checked by a doc since january 2017. I started my treatment with a good one in Canada but I had to go back to France where no TRT doc was to be found.

I have to pay for everything and do everything by myself. The dosage has been the same since the start: No AI. / 50mg of T. subQ on Mondays and Fridays. / 250iu hCG subQ on Monday, Wed. and Friday.

Here are some of the results:

  • liver transaminases ASAT : 132 U/L range: less than 40

  • liver transaminases ALAT : 192 U/L range: less than 41

  • Gamma-glutamyltransferase : 13 U/L range: less than 60

  • F.S.H. : <1.0 UI/L

  • L.H : <1.0 UI/L

  • Oestradiol : 155 pmol/L. AND/OR 42 pg/mL

  • Prolactin : 266,1 μUI/mL range: from 86,0 to 324,0 AND/OR 12,5 ng/mL range: from 4,0 to 15,2

  • Testosterone : 30,75 nmol/L range: from 9,70 to 27,76 AND/OR 8,86 ng/mL range: from 2,80 to 8,0

  • Cortisol at 8:25 AM : 486 nmol/L range: from 166 to 507 AND/OR 17,5 μg/dL range: from 6,0 to 18,4

  • T.S.H. ultra-sensible : 2,18 mUI/L range: from 0,27 to 4,20


It’s difficult to access these numbers without an important factor, how are you feeling as this is what determines the next move.

I just feel normal but I can still be very shy with girls.
I’ve read that some guys feel “great” or have huge self confidence.

Me, I just feel normal but I’m way better than how I was before TRT.
More social, more happy, less tired in the gym. I think my mind and body got stronger. Is that what you meant?

Being shy is a personality trait that TRT can’t fix, that’s the way your brain is wired. It’s sounds like to me you are doing very well.

Me personally would keep an eye on estrogen, it’s the single most important hormone that will dictate mood and mental feelings. Too much and you’re overly emotional or irritable.

If you’re feeling ok then I wouldn’t change a thing!!

You don’t have ranges posted, but just “off the cuff” those numbers look pretty damn good to me, but keep in mind I’m no doctor.

Hi delsin, you are not doing bad for running your own TRT. 150/wk is the most I have seen someone run with no AI.
My advice will be check your CBC’s make sure your blood is not getting to thick. HCT is the big one. Don’t let it get over 52%

If your E2 continues to climb higher I would add prolactin. Over ranged E2 with overrange prolactin is how gyno is formed.

Hi hrdlvn, I’m running 200mg w/o an AI. I know several others who are.

Numbers look pretty good.

Don’t test FSH or LH any more. No need on TRT.

Hi, I just checked the results and my HCT is about 45,5%. What would you do if your HCT was too high?

You drop your T dose or donate blood you can donate blood until you crash your ferritin then you drop your T dose.

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