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Test Results Back, Need Help, 24 Yrs Old

Let me preface this with a massive thanks to this community that has helped me learn so much about this condition I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks back. The stickies were super helpful!

Now to give a bit of a background : I’m 24 years old and seem to be presenting all the classic symptoms of T deficiency. The ED really bothered me during Uni but now it’s the tiredness and fatigue that seems to be affecting my career.

Age : 24
Height : 5’10
Weight : 68 KG
Waist : 32"
Facial Hair : Can’t grow a full beard. Very patchy
Don’t carry much fat. Not sure of BF% but can generally see a 4 pack in the mirror
Diet : Keep track of what I eat. Generally eat at maintenance and have been on 500 calorie surplus lately
Training : Thrice a week full body workout
No testes ache
Morning wood : Don’t remember the last time I had it. Have trouble getting and maintaining an erection as well

Over the past few months the tiredness and loss of motivation to do anything started troubling me a lot but in the last couple weeks it got really bad and I started to look into the symptoms and that’s how I ended up here.

Went to a physician and the first thing he requested was a test for T and TSH. I thought I had lucked out after reading all the horror stories with physicians on here.

Test results came back and I went in for a follow up tonight. The results for the tests carried out are as follows:

Total T : 11.8 nmol/l (340 ng/dl) [8.3-30.2]
TSH : 1.87 mIU/L [0.50-4.00]
Vitamin B12 : 357 pmol/L [150-700]
Vitamin D - 18 nmol/L [Don’t have a range]

I had asked for all the tests that were mentioned in the stickies but this is all that he agreed to. In the follow up tonight he said that everything looks normal. The only thing to worry about is a slight deficiency in Vitamin D.

Now, from my research I know that the T levels are too low for a person my age. But I’m also worried that I might be only concentrating on this and not entertaining any other possibilities (though the doctor was pretty clueless about any other possibilities himself)

Would appreciate your help and any inputs you can give me from the limited amounts of test results that I have.


I was just referred to another doctor through a compounding pharmacy but the experience with him left a very weird taste in my mouth. He took my history and then asked about my symptoms and went through the test results that I had.

He then ordered a saliva test (which isn’t very effective from what I’ve read) and said it was the best way to estimate testosterone. He also pointed out that I have a hernia. He said that “it’s suffocating my left testicle” which could lead to low T. I’ve tried investigating and haven’t found any sources that back this up. He’s referred me to a urologist and has asked me to get surgery to get this removed. I’ve never faced any issues or discomfort due to this hernia.

I’m a little confused and am not sure what to do anymore. Anyone with any experience that can help?

You need LH/FSH tested.

Estrogen does not sound high, but could test and test prolactin if LH/FSH are low.

May be a thyroid problem. Please read the thyroid basics sticky, check body temps and eval iodine intake.

Getting sun shine? take 5000iu vit-D3 per day.


Digestive issues or food allergies?

Thanks for the reply! Waiting for the weekend to go get myself a thermometer.

I’ve been through the thyroid basics and had specifically asked my GP to test for LH/FSH especially since I have a family history of thyroid issues. But he didn’t get it done.

Have started taking a big dose of Vitamin D. Not particularly stressed. No digestive issues or food allergies either.