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Test Results After Cycle


Hey this was a first cycle of Test E this is what I shot up.

week 1
Tues 200
Thurs 200

Tues 200
Fri 200
sun 100

tues 200
thurs 200

week 4
tues 200
Aug 14
Thurs 200
Sat 200

Week 5
Tues 200
fri 200
sat 400

week 6
tue 400
fri 400

week 7
sat 400
sun 400

week 8
Wed 400

week 9
wed 300

At one point I was putting down 800 a week, then in week 9 the day after I took the 300 shot I got test results done,

So that guy sold me bunk shit for 500 dollars huh, sob. I know it was late in the day but going almost a gram for a few weeks and its just like in the higher range of normal isnt good at all.. fake shit right?


No way in hell you should be mid range normal.

Just for a comparison, I ran 500mg / week of Test E for 12 weeks and my levels were almost at 10k.


That is a total of than 5000mg of test the entire cycle. That is a 20ml vial of Test E dosed at 250mg/ml. You mean to tell me you paid 500 fucking dollars for 2 10ml vials of Test E? Lol obviously you have and had absolutely zero clue about anything involving AAS from how to run it ( obvious of your lay out and injections ) and the price.

He obviously knew and saw the same thing I did and he royally fucked you literally charging you 5 times the going street value (if it was real which it was not). So, knowing this he probably filled up a bottle with nothing more than Grape Seed Oil and knew you wouldn't have a clue and charged you about 100 times what it cost him in oil and a bottle. Next time study.


10k on 500 a week?! please post bloodwork



okay yah i got fucked, I paid waaaay more than I should. I was just like w.e. he was a friend from gradeschool . I had Nolva ready and everything, I knew something was weird when I was doing 400 for a few weeks and no symptoms then I upped to 800 and was pretty sure, I just wanted conformation from people that would know. Feels bad man.

On the up side I was on the placebo effect and put on great gains and was telling off people at work/school and making myself feeling better for thinking I was cheating to be more alpha but it was already inside of me. In a way this was a great experience being ripped off... but for the future events yah i aint trying to stab myself 2x a week and inject oil for nothing.


dang, you got hosed...

guys on TRT doses (100 mg/wk) are usually higher than that...

i'd go knock the shit out of that yahoo.


Your a better man than me Id be at his place right now and either 500 would magically appear in my hand or he would have that in repairs to his car, house and him self if he was man enough. I assure you one of us would get our ass kicked.


He lives several states away, really he got screwed as well, but jacked the price up on me most likely. The guy normally gave decent stuff but he told me the guy was out of shape and blowing all of his money on scratch off tickets.... I mean I knew the risk was there but I honestly didnt mind as I do good for myself and my friend states away was going through some shit and I thought he could sell some test to me and make a bill or so, I figured in his small town the stuff did prolly go for like 100 maybe... anyways, TBH I am glad I found out the confidence I had to tell off my supervisors at work came from me and not drugs. I look at it like I'm God blessed at the end of the day. I made great gains in the gym working my butt off and eating good cuz I was trying to maximize my cycle, but yah i got screwed. Thx for the input guys, it really sucks pinning myself like that though, cuz I was thinking after the first 3 weeks i got screwed so I upped it to 800, then when I showed no sides I kinda had a feeling but yah.

I'm not going to retaliate on the guy, I just pray that he got what he needed out of the money and helped his life. I hope God blesses him with what I could help him with.

Thanks guys.


i have some test for you $450 and ill throw in some fake Ai's for free.

People like you need a break every now and again.


What else were you taking at the time? Dude there is no way you have that total t number on 500mg. When you cruise what do you cruise at 15 fucking miligrams a week?


That was it man. VERY solid source, all Im gonna say. But it was my first cycle and my natural levels were at 350 to begin with.


Mr Levrone, is that you? :slightly_smiling:


idk man, regardless of first cycle or 4th my test has stayed in the same ranges relative to how much im taking for the most part. That's just a crazy high number that people have to take multiple grams to get to. If you're not lying, and i don't see why you would more power to you. Seriously though, what do you cruise on and have you had any other blood tests while on testosterone.


I'm sorry but I just don't believe that. If it is true more power to you but, I call bull shit. Even on my 200mg a week of pharmaceutical grade Doctor Prescribed Test C barely gets me to 1000ng. There is no way.


Cruise around 200-250mg. On 250mg right now, but on a cut.

I just got that bloodwork done at the end of August. Will be getting new work done in December, so I'll update then when I'm on 350mg.

That's fine man, didn't post it to try and prove anyone wrong! Just wanted to show OP some proof that his test was bunk.

I've got no point to lie about it, was more so just saying where my levels were at.

I've seen guys run under a gram and had their test at almost 15k. Just depends on how the individual reacts to the hormones.