Test Results after 15 Weeks on TRT

Hi all,

I would aprecieate some help from you guys.
English is not my first language so forgive me any mistakes.


I’ve been on self administered TRT for 15 weeks.

Blood test results are from 19.06, 22.06, 04.07 - Those are results before starting TRT.

Just got results from medichecks, blood draw made on 13.11, just before my injection in the morning(fasted)

My protocol is 150mg of test C, split in to two 75mg injections, every 3.5 days.

My symptoms before TRT:
Low mood
No drive

Ive had no symptoms resolution, the only thing i noticed is increased muscle mass, its a good thing but not the reason why I’ve got on TRT.

I track my macross, eating at a small deficit, resistance training 3 times per week.
No alcohol in the last 15 weeks.

Please advise how to go from here.

That high prolactin isn’t doing you any favors

I was surprised that my prolactin doubled from before starting TRT.

I’m not overtraining, not taking any meds.

What could be the reason for prolactin doubling?

Elevated estradiol is often the culprit when on TRT