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Test Results - 1B or 1A? Starting Crossfit

Hi !

I have been reading a lot about your neurotype work and its really interesting. I did the test, here we are :

The difference between 1A and 1B is not very high, do you have some suggestions in order to be sure if I am 1A or 1B ?

Also, how your recommendations apply for someone which is not natty ? I mean, for 1B, you recommand 5/6 workout/week, including 1 “restorative workout”, but for someone which is ON, it’s the same ?

I am starting Crossfit, after 10 years of bodybuilding + conditioning, and if I want to fastly have a good level, I think that I should have something like :

  • 4 strength workout/week
  • at least, 2/3 workout, only based weightlifting technique
  • and 2/3 workout, based on cardio/bodyweight skills

PS : I have the possibility to train 1 hour each lunch break, so I was wondering if I can train weightlifting technique around 12AM then strengh around 6PM.

PS2 : thanks for taking the time answering all the questions on the form really appreciate the support you give and keep up the good work.

Cheers from France.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

You don’t seem to be interested ^^

I hate when people put pressure when I don’t answer immediately. I’m doing my best to help out as many people as possible. But I do have limitations due to my schedule. A kid to take care of, a wife that is pregnant, 3 dogs, lots of online clients, new product development, podcasts, webinars,etc.

I do this because I truly enjoy helping people out. But it’s still something that you don’t have to pay for. And sometimes I miss a question, that happens. I’m human.

I think you are more likely a 1B or maybe even a 2A. A true 1A would have a lower 2B score. To me that can actually look like a 2A who was in a good mental state when he answered.

Yes. Anabolics do not help with neurological recovery (in most cases). They will help you tolerate more volume, from a muscle standpoint, but the risk of “overtraining” is still there with excessive training.

That’s not how I would do it (I’m not a Crossfit expert mind you). When I tried Crossfit I burned myself out by trying to do too much too fast.

Also, if you did 10 years of bodybuilding, the most important thing might very well be mobility work for a while.

I suggest contacting my friend Karim El-Hlimi for programing (RX Labs).

Well, that is the proper order. But honestly, from your whole post I’m afraid that you will do too much so I will. not recommend two-a-days.

Again, anabolics do not make you unbreakable. If you do pure bodybuilding, yeah they wil allow you to train every day with a pretty high volume of work.

But Crossfit is more neurologically demanding than bodybuilding. So while anabolic will help the muscles recover faster, they will not help the nervous system or tendons and by doing too much overall work you have a high risk of injuries and overtraining.

Hello Christian,

I am confused, It was not against you personally, I just wanted to talk about this with the whole community. My bad

I will read what you wrote on 2A. It’s true that I recognize myself in some of the things in 2A.

There is something that I can do in order to be sure about 1B or 2A, except trying your recommandations for 1B and look how it’s going on ? I just lost my father, si I am not sure that I was in a good mental state when I answered.

Also, if you did 10 years of bodybuilding, the most important thing might very well be mobility work for a while.

I suggest contacting my friend Karim El-Hlimi for programing (RX Labs)

Ohhhhh yeah, mobility mobility and mobility ! And I will contact your friend. As you did, and I you said, I

It’s a summary of my life… Everything I do, I do to the extreme, and sometimes it breaks. If I was not interested by your work on the neurotype, I would have train maybe 10 times a day.

Thanks you, for taking your time, and sorry :wink:

To me that sounds exactly like me. Which reinforces my belief that you are a 2A.

Are you someone who needs others to respect even admire him? To you want to get along with everybody?

Hum I would say yes, but more “To you want to get along with everybody?” than “Are you someone who needs others to respect even admire him?” I mean, I like being respected and admired, but I am also able to train in bodybuilding, alone, without really needing everyone to compliment me.

This type of personality will do anything to help others out, even depriving themselves. They’re driven by wanting to look good in front of others and be liked. Nothing is worse for them than disappointing someone. Because of that attitude, they’ll go to great lengths to reach their goals.

They’re attracted to bodybuilding and physique sports because “looking awesome” is a way to earn the admiration of others and build self-worth

I find myself in here which is something that you wrote as a 2B, on Tnation.

Before doing the test, I was wondering is I was a 1B or 2A, but as the test is 135 1B and 106 2A, I though that I was 1B. I find myself also in a lot of “1B things” that you wrote.

They’re also very competitive. They welcome challenges and love learning new skills. This type gets excited about learning a new exercise or lift, even if it’s tough for them. It’s “new” and stimulating, and that’s all that matters.

You also get bored easily, are naturally curious, and can be short tempered.

They get bored from repetitive events like endurance training or lifting programs that are repeated over and over. They aren’t good at endurance events mostly because of boredom

Do you think that I need to do the test once again ? Or doing of with someone who knows me well ?

Voir si vraiment le décès de ton père a beaucoup influencé au moment du test .
Il est mieux de faire le test avec quelqu’un qui te connaît bien.
Ma femme m’a repris souvent lors des questions quand je pensais répondre juste , et au final le score a déterminé être 2A , ce qui est parfaitement ma personnalité .

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I took the test again with my girlfriend (who I’ve been with for 10 years now) and here’s what it looks like

J’ai repassé le test avec ma compagne (avec qui je suis depuis 10 ans maintenant) et voici ce que ça donne

I have 48 in “sub total main” for type 3. Does it mean something ?

And here, the first test, alone

tu devrais quoter ton 1er et 2ème tableau pour que ce soit plus facile de comparer .

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Intéressant… les 1A vont souvent surestimer leur “talent et capacité” ce qui peut donner un score 1B élevé parcequ’ils manquent d’objectivité envers eu-même.

Avec le résultat avec ta copine, je dirais vraiment 1A.


Au moins je suis fixé :slight_smile: Merci encore pour ta disponibilité !

Il n’y a plus qu’à commencer le Crossfit en tenant compte de ça.

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J’oubliais, j’ai vu ici et là que les recommandations sur le 1A allaient changer.

Elles ont déjà changé sur le site ?

Merci :slight_smile:

Non. Ce sont majoritairement les recommendations sur la nutrition qui ont changés. La formation “Les essentiels du Neurotyping” (en Français) inclut ces modifications.

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D’accord, merci :wink: