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Test Result: Primary 1A and 3?

Hey, Coach Thib

So I took your neurotype test and these are my results

I definitely identify with type 1a, but after reading some of your posts here and your blog, I also identify as type 3. Even my interests seem to correlate: football, boxing, mma, philosophy, physics, economics, etc. I invest in “risky” assets, e.g., cryptocurrency, however, I thoroughly research them and then take the plunge. I am a hypercompetitive sore loser(and winner). Always like to win via strategy.

In terms of lifting, I definitely prefer heavy weights without a lot of variety. For example right now I’m really focusing on the BB and DB Clean and Strict Press trying to hit 225 on the BB and 100s on the Dumbbells. The only other lift I do with any regularity is zercher squats and that’s purely for the convertible strength transfer for my “recreational” activities :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, any training recommendations, OG Thib??
For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing a bulgarian type program for my clean and presses (near max single on the BB and back off sets with the DBs at about 85% of my BB weight for triples) and Pavel’s PTTP 5-3-2 for my zercher squats.

I also like to train almost everyday or I feel a little ancy and unaccomplished.

Oddly enough 1As and 3 are VERY similar from a neurotransmitters perspective, even though they have very different personalities. I even see them as two sides of the same coin.

Types 1A and.3 both have the slow COMT enzyme which means that they don’t breakdown dopamine and adrenaline effectively. When they release them, they stay high for a long time.

They are also poor methylators which leads to low serotonin and acetylcholine levels and adds up to the problem of clearing adrenaline.

The main difference is in the glutamate to GABA ratio. Glutamate can converts to GABA and vice versa. When one is high, the other will be low. The 1A has low glutamate (very low) and high GABA. This makes them a lot less empathetic but better under stress. Essentially the higher GABA level allows them to balance out, to some extent, adrenaline.

The type 3 will have more emotions (but they are kept inside) and anxiety because of that ratio. As such adrenaline is harder to control and is the source of their anxiety/overthinking/problems sleeping.

We could simplify things by saying that the effect of adrenaline is externalized in 1As, they show it by being more competitive, more aggressive, less patient, etc. whereas in the 3s the effects of adrenaline are more internalized and becomes overthinking, overanalyzing and even anxiety.