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So I am on HRT and have been for a while, recently my dosage was ‘Highly’ increased.
I got my total Test tested this week and the results are 1459 ng/dL on a reference of 241-827.
Can I safely stay at this dosage for an extended period of time, because damn do I feel good! At what sustained test level does it become likely to experience side effects? If I do need to dose it down a little bit, should I go to 1200, 1000?
Keep in mind I am looking to stay at a level indefinitely. Thanks

You should be expecting E problems and many get those at high-normal levels. Does not need to be gyno. Watch for new fat patterns, loss of energy, loss of morning wood. Many get E problems with E in normal range. Optimal E may be in the 17-25 range.

So no aromatase inhibitors [AI] now?

No concerns for your testes shrinking and scrotum pulling up tight?

Who controls the dose? You or the doc?

I control the dose, no concerns really about any of that.

I think that I am going to get an estrogen test done tomorrow. Since my levels have only been this high for about 3 weeks would it be too early to notice the effects you mentioned. My energy has actually been through the roof, but that may be because I have not been on long enough for E to react?

Sorry, forgot, no AI inhibitors right now, but yes I am sure I can get them from doc if necessary.
Thank you for your help, I am really trying to get a grip on this right now

You can get AI from a research chem outfit for very little cost. I think that you should take some AI for a month in a normal suggested amount that goes with a mild gear dose, then get tested.

It would be helpful if you posted what and how much you are taking.

And you really should be knowledgable about HCG and shrinking testes.