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Test Rebound


can any body direct me to any good articles on test rebound. i have heard of the phrase but never really understood what it meens.
or can any body explain what test rebound is?


Are you refferring to what happens when your body's start producing it's own supply of testosterone after if has been shut down from the use of AAS? I'm pretty sure you are. If so try looking up PCT, nolvadex, clomid, hcg, serms, anti-estrogens. Hopefully with a little bit of effort you will be able to get a pretty good understanding of things. If you have questions after that come back and ask.


Just because you change your name from raul to whatever this one is doesn't mean people won't figure you out, TROLL!!!!


I don't get it. What is a troll? and hey, my new name is so totaly radicle.
"UN_2006" it has a bold ring to it.
but as for test rebound that is excactly what i wasn't sure it meant. now i am sure what it meens, at first I thought it was something bad. Now I know it is good.


Will someone in Cali tutor this boy?


Well, i orderd the steriod 2005 book. i read flex, body of science, axl and playboy.
would'nt honestly like to talk to anybody in person, about test rebound that knew about it.
some of the punies at the gym, "dude i can't help them"
it is just me myself and I.
and wherever i can find info, i dig as deep as i can.
i have a long ways to go, but am alot further than others.


OKAY... I'm going to cut you some slack, but I don't think snipe will.
Ask away.... I will help you if I can. If any others see me struggling with Raul please pipe in and help me. I'm waiting....



Bro in regaurd to english being your first language? If you are telling me the truth then you need to do some serious brushing up based on what you post here. I don't think I've ever called someone a "troll" but you're making me wonder?


Concur with Wideguy.




You must be from pluto...


So why did you chang your name from raul to un ???


He is a troll


For the love of god man.Do your self a favor and read.Talking about aas and not knowing what pct is.......well lets just say your on your way to farming a nice rack for yourself.