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Test Question for Those w/Testicular Cancer

Last September I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had my right testicle removed. I did a month of radiation and am now just on the monitoring phase. Since then everything seems normal but I think my body comp has changed (lose/gain fat in different areas than before), and I think I might have less energy and slight depression but that could just be in my head.

My question: Anyone who has gone through this, did you get your testosterone levels tested? My urologist told me the that my other testicle should pick up the slack, oncologist told me the same. She didn’t seem opposed to me getting it tested but when I was last in for my blood draw she told me I would have to get it done first thing in the morning for it to be accurate. I hate needles so I haven’t scheduled anything.

If you have been tested, was it low or normal? I guess this is a bad forum to ask as it is T-replacement so I’m assuming everyone in here has low T. There isn’t a general wellness subforum though so this is my best shot I think.

Even though it is assumed the other testicle will produce adequate testosterone a lot of men seem to have low t after testicular cancer. Definitely get tested.