Test & Proviron Cycle Help

I wanted to run a eq, test e and proviron cycle. i wanted some suggestions on doses for a 12week cycle, and any other supplements that might help too

You’ve asked the same question 3 other times now… why don’t you tell people a little about yourself(age weight years lifting cycle experience) and tell people what YOU think you want to run and see if it’s a good idea. The answer is a lot different if you are 6’1 155 lbs and 17 years old who just went to the gym yesterday than if you are 6’1 255 lbs and 32 years old and have 9 cycles under your belt(but you probably wouldn’t be asking the question if that was the case).

well im 5’6 and 200lbs i have a decent build already this would be my 3rd cycle i have used test e and deca b4 but i want to use eq cause i have been told you get less water retention and more real muscle. i was gonna use the proviron to help with water gain and hardness.

i was gonna do 200 eq first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks and 400 inbetween. for test e 250 first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks and 500 weeks in between. im sure what to do with the provirion though. plus i am wondering if i should do my injects all at once for the week or should i do 2 seperate

For a third cycle I would run at least 500mg test and 400mg EQ EVERY week. No need to ramp up and then ramp down at the end. I am not sure of the doses you used in your first 2 cycles so the previous is just a guess.

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the first 2 cyles i used 500 mg test and 400 deca. i was gonna do what you suggested but i looking for advice on what to do with the proviron. thanks

The proviron will be more effective later into the cycle as SHBG starts to build up. I would run it for the last 6-8 weeks at a steady dose. Usually 50mg per day works very well. I use 75mg/day but then I usually use a larger amount of test as well.

thanks, now i was told that the proviron would reduce water retention and help some muscle hardness. i also have some nolvadex wich i guess i just use for about 4 weeks post cycle. sorry i seem so stupid to this stuff but i have never used a pct before and never reall experienced any side effects coming of though.

If you choose to run nolv for your pct then yes 40-40 then 20-20 equaling four weeks.


Damn it i’m not totally sure i’ve never ran test e. but you would start your nolv depending on the length of the ester!!!

Which for test e. is i believe 2-weeks after last injection start your pct with the nolv.

Hope fully some one else will chime in on the second part of my answer.

Ugh a little help here cortes.

The Judge

Yes, 2 weeks following last injection start PCT. The proviron will help in terms of hardness, libido and water retention. But I usually include it in bulking cycle to counter the rising SHBG caused by high doses of test.

i want to thank you guys for helping me. im still new to this stuff.

Thx 2-the pain

Judge Roy

i was also thinking of throwing some humulin r in there any thoughts or advice out there?

Hell no!!!

With the statement you just made.

When cycling slin you should one be very advanced.

And with that statement there are certain short acting insulin’s that you take and never a long acting one.

Llike you have just suggested.

Really bro just stick to the aas for know you can fuck your self up to the point of death just jacking around.

It is nothind to take as lightly as yeah i was thinking “HELL NO”!!!

The Judge

thanks judge. sometimes i want to get ahead of myself. think ill just add some normall supplements.

[quote]strych9v2 wrote:
i was also thinking of throwing some humulin r in there any thoughts or advice out there?[/quote]

If you are still new to AAS then I would stay far away from insulin at this point. Very dangerous and possibly fatal.

like i said again, thanks guys. i am new to this and you guys were patchient w me thanks again for all the help