Test Propionate

If anyone has any experience with test propionate could you give me your thoughts. Mr. Roberts and Mr. Strasser, don’t be bashful with your thoughts.

Excellent steroid: keep in mind that all testosterones work the same, changing the ester does not affect any property except how long it stays in the body.

Testosterone is the one anabolic steroid that, if enough is used, is complete in its activity… using the classification system Tim has devised, it qualifies as “Class 1” because it binds well to androgen receptors which “Class 2” steroids do not (they instead mostly work by other means than the androgen receptor) testosterone also gives the effects the Class 2 steroids do, although it takes a lot of testosterone to really do that well, at least a gram and actually you still haven’t saturated the Class 2 pathways yet at that point.

Disadvantages: hardest on the hair and on acne of all anabolic steroids, if Proscar/Propecia are not used; and converts to estrogen, which means you may need an antiestrogen.

Personally I found it very effective at 150 mg/day but I could not tolerate the effect on me it had with regard to acne and therefore I have used it only once myself. But very many athletes I have consulted with have used it very successfully and it is an excellent drug – just not my personal preference for myself.

Lets not forget prop’s most noticable quality: its horrible horrible pain. I took 100 mg’s of prop a day for a week. I wanted to openly CRY the WHOLE week i was in so much pain. Take prop at your own risk. This stuff hurts like hell. Ohh and dont go near the vet stuff either. I took that once and I got majorly sick. Prop flu. Anyway, test is great, I agree with Bill but you might want to do yourself a favor and take a less painful ester like cyp.

It’s a great product when growth is your sole concern (as are all the testosterones). However, as the others have posted, it’s harsh. I’ve never met anyone who is using testosterone who doesn’t look like they are using it. Hair loss, severe skin problems, increased aggression, etc. Definately for the hard core type.

Actually, Jason, it’s not the ester that gives the pain (I know Duchaine speculated it was but he was wrong) but rather the other components of the injection such as the antimicrobial used.

I know for a fact that a simple preparation of pure test prop in soybean oil, nothing else, is absolutely painless on injection… it’s not the ester that is painful. Also a reliable friend overseas has informed me that a commercial brand of propionate available to him is painless. Sorry, I don’t remember what, and it was obscure anyway. But the point is, it’s not the steroid, it’s the other stuff in the injection.

I prefer short acting drugs and next to suspension, this
is about the fastest acting, shortest 1/2 lifer there is
for testosterone (unless you can somehow get the acetate

Most guys use it in the start of a cycle to give it some
“oomph”…that’s probably why it’s in S-250 and of
course, the newer Ara-Test.

Bill has made all cognizent point already so…


Bill, if it it the anti-microbial and not the ester causing the pain, why don’t other test esters cause pain? Is the anti-microbial used exculsive to Prop? Btw, I’d rather inject hot sauce and battery acid than use prop again.

Yes, it follows that since the test propionate itself does not cause pain (and it most absolutely does not) that if one brand or several brands (not all) of testosterone propionate give pain on injection, they’ve got to have some kind of other component added – antimicrobial or stabilizer – that is causing the problem. I don’t have the specific of what it is but I know one propionate brand uses phenol… and phenol can be truly nasty stuff if there’s enough of it in there. Could be something else though that is the problem.

Don’t do it man. Your balls will shrink to the size of raisins. I have a natural physique at 195 .lbs and 8% bodyfat. And I still got my boys swinging as low as they always have. Why get big arms at the expense of your sac? Leave that crap to the mentally disturbed reverse anexoria types.