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Test Propionate/Proviron Cycle Feedback


This is my first cycle / Started an oral cycle of Turanabol but stopped after the first week. Decided to man up and go with test. Critiques welcome as I know there will be some that just rip the cycle to shreds but thats why I am asking. I have read the stickeys so here it is.

Now this is a cycle I pulled of another forum and it had decent reviews. I have not added the TBOLS or DBOLS thought I would see what you guys thought. As far as goals 15-20 pounds would be great and some muscle I can hangon to after. Ya know just look like a greek God hahahahah I do want to go for the cut up look eventually but I need size. Unless you know where I can get the best of bot worlds LOL. I am sure I left something out???

Gear On Hand
Testosterone Propionate (Propiobolic 100 10 ml vial, 100 mg/ml - X2
Proviron (mesterolone)25 mg, 20 tabs (3 boxes)
Nolvadex (tamoxifen)20 mg, 20 tabs

Turanabolic (chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)10mg, 200 tabs (not in cycle)
Dianabol - Anabol (metandienone)5 mg, 100 tabs (not in cycle)

Week 1-8 Test P 50 mg/ml E3D
Week 1-8 Proviron 50 mg everday
Week 9-11 Nolvadex 20mg everyday

35 Years old
14% Body Fat
192 pounds
Work out reguarly. Good Diet as in I EAT!!! LOL


Are you going to inject test-p every 3 days, and 50mg for each injection?
That works out to be 117mg of test-p per week! It's a "fine" cycle for HRT style birth control. You may even gain a little bit of LBM, given your age.



Quoted from 'Cycle Planning Sticky'.

Generally though, apart from the only anabolic in this cycle being dosed too infrequently and far too low, there being no AI, and the proviron - it is great.

As Test is the only anabolic compound being used, you would really want to be looking at ~500mg/wk for a dose.. dosed daily you would shoot 75mg or 0.75ml everyday for 6-8 weeks. This amounts to 525mg/wk - a nice dose. I am currently running that amount of Testarona with 700mg of Oxymetholone/week, and it is very pleasant indeed.

If you shoot 250mg or 2.5ml on the first day then proceed the next day with the daily shots of 75mg, you will have successfully front loaded the cycle and be enjoying peak levels from day one! Great huh? (Also somewhere in the 'stickies' i am willing to bet).

This way you will notice physique and performance changes within the week (quality being there) rather than 2-3 weeks. IME at least.




So you are on some potent stuff now aye? How is your apetite? I don't feel well when I use anadrol or anavar. Me and anything "ANA" /"OXY" doesn't get along. I love methylated orals though....


Aye! :wink:

Appetite is down, as to be expected with the Drol - however i find that when this happens (Drol and Tren for me) and i force food down, it affects my physique very well.. gaining slower but staying leaner. Not ideal but still fells nice to look good.

However - as you may or may not remember, i have recently realised i have some sort of 'issue' with Dbol - i believe it is a bad mix of it with one or more prescription drugs i use.
I began to feel the same way yesterday sadly, and this is why i am using Drol - as my strong, aromatising, methylated oral replacing Dbol! Fuuck.

HOWEVER yesterday was also the day i added a shot of 50mg Stanazolol.. so i think it may be that. I dropped that drug today and trained - it was still sub-par but manageable and OK in the end.
Tomorrow is the test for me. If that is shit i will try to battle through the next 3 weeks but if workout do suffer too much i will consider dropping the dose or switching the drug to something else.

Dbol affects my drive and energy in the gym - everywhere else is fine, but in the gym it suffers. Drol is more well known for this so it crossed my mind my gear was Drol instead of Dbol back when i first suffered - BUT i share a common supplier with others here and happen to trust him implicitly let alone know of independent tests done on his products. Fingers crossed.

Regardless, looking think and shapely ATM. Very cool indeed :wink:


Dont really know what you mean??? HRT?


Would it be ok to start off low and see how my body reacts and then increase I know it will take longer to peak just wondering? Wich AI would you add? Would you run it through the cycle? think that would be overkill with the proviron. Thanks


Read the stickies at the top of this forum. If you had previously read them then none of the silly questions that you are asking will come up.

On another note, you ask a question, get good advice and then still dont want to follow that.

Why do you feel the need to add the proviron at all?


It is OK to start low - just a bit of a waste.
Not sure what you expect your body to 'do' - just as i never understood statements such as "assess one's tolerance for testosterone"... But yes, you can.

Just don't start at a dose of 50mg E3D - for one the frequency is too... infrequent, and for two the dose is far too low.
With Testosterone 'PROPIONATE' it takes a certain time ('decided' by the propionate ester) to leave the injection site, by three days more than half of the hormone has been 'used' and as such injecting every three days results in large variations of hormone levels increasing side effects. It is better to inject a smaller amount more frequently than a large amount less frequently - this goes for most AAS i can think of.

As for the dose being too low... 123mg/wk will be enough to suppress your natural production but provide barely more than you made naturally - making it a pretty futile exercise. HRT is Hormone Replacement Therapy and is the most common medical use for Testosterone drugs. You don't want to merely replace your Test'rone,. you want to super-size it!

If you start 'low' start at 30mg/day (280mg/wk) and increase weekly by 10mg a day. So week 1-280mg, week 2-350mg, week 3-420mg, week 4-490mg, week 5-560mg.. and if you find a dose you like (i recommend 490-560mg) then you stay at that until the end - don't then drop the dose down. If you want to inject less frequently then inject EOD - no less.
Let me repeat something so you know where i stand with this though - i think you should go in at the dose you are going to use throughout the cycle AT LEAST, with my preference being to frontload the dose actually.

I would suggest you use Anastrazole throughout the cycle - it's dose depends on what dose of testosterone you use - so that's gonna be a pickle ain't it?! (I'd suggest approximately 0.25mg of Anas. per 250mg of Test'rona - as a rough guide).

An AI isn't overkill with Mesterolone simply as Mesterolone is not doing too much anyway. It is not an AI. It is an AAS with affinity for the Aromatase Enzyme, these are two very different things my friend.

If you want to keep side effects low - this includes growing tits - use an Aromatase Inhibitor at the correct dose. What you choose to do with the proviron is of little consequence - it will improve your look though even as high as 15% bf IF you have a decent amount of muscle (you don't sadly - sorry).


ha all I have done is read stickeys here and on other forums do you realize how much info is out there? Do this no do that add this no add that it gets confusing but as far as the proviron goes the majority of the posts/stickeys all say with Test P use it dont ask me ask the stickey writers. Also no where could I find it addressed on starting low and increasing lots on front loading though. never said I didnt want to follow that advice it is good advice. What are these forums for if we cant ask questions and get feedback stickeys are very useful though. Thanks


Thanks great stuff gonna follow this! Thanks for the help and not busting my balls to bad!
"(you don't sadly - sorry)" Isn't that why we do what we do and why we are here??

Thanks again very useful info I will let you know how it goes!


I was just rather shocked that JJ took out the spoon for you. That was rather out of character for him.

I still dont belive that you did in fact read the stickies as if you did you would of realizd to that using a dose barely higher than what you natural levels were is a waste of time. That adex would of been the obvious choice for an AI.

That being said you still didnt answer the question as to why you feel that you need the proviron. In my opinion you dont and the money would be much better spent on a couple more bottles of test p. As with the two bottles that you currently have they are only going to last you a mere 4 weeks when you get up to a desirable dosage such as 500mg/wk.


i honestly don't think that you're gonnna see barely anything with 50mg every 3 days. Its bad enough to shoot prop every 3 days but if you do at least bump the dose up.


JJ??? Dude Brook answered the question with a quote from JJ? Brook was the one who went out of his way and for that I am thankful he seems to know his shit and is willing to help others. Talk about not reading?


Oh yeah the proviron is for the hardness ect. and its cheap so I was curious, if I thought the cycle was perfect I wouldnt have posted it and asked for feedback.


No gonna take your advice Brook and up it and stay the course. Just have to get more stuff.

"and if you find a dose you like (i recommend 490-560mg) then you stay at that until the end - don't then drop the dose down. If you want to inject less frequently then inject EOD - no less.
Let me repeat something so you know where i stand with this though - i think you should go in at the dose you are going to use throughout the cycle AT LEAST, with my preference being to frontload the dose actually"


my bad didn't see that.


JJ and Brook are the same person.


Hahaha My Bad Thats confusing LOL.


I find that different boards have different "philosophies" about this stuff. I find that this board tends to be the most willing to try new things and to change its mind based on available research. The OP's use of proviron is probably based on one of those profiles floating out there which recommend coupling prov with any test, stating that it is a mild anti-e and will increase levels of free T due to its supposed affinity to SHBG.

My personal experience with prov is that it gives me big boners and makes me horny as a pole cat in heat. I mean: increases incidences of sexual arousal and increases relative hardness of penile erections.